January 2012

Blind Review #2 – What was it?!

January 30, 2012 // 0 Comments

Now that we are into the second blind review and we are getting more submissions, please let me know if you all would like us to keep doing these type of blind reviews. Enough with the jabbering – what was the damn smoke already?!

Blind Review #2

January 27, 2012 // 8 Comments

Blind Review #2 Eric CIGAR #2: Very dark, rough wrapper – maybe Brazilian Mata Fina – 6 inches x 7/8 inches diameter – very oily – decent construction – 1 large vein – absolutely a maduro – very leathery smell – firmly packed – foot has leather & dark cherry smell – 1 inch in the burn is pretty crooked – dirty grey ash w/ brown tint – dark cherry & chocolate flavours – has […]

Oliva V No. 4

January 23, 2012 // 0 Comments

Size: 5 x 42 ( Petit Corona ) Wrapper: Nicaraguan (Habano Sun grown) Binder and Filler: Nicaraguan Strength: High Medium to Low Full Price: unknown Behind The Stick: Alright – so this is a cigar that literally was sent to me out of the blue that I didn’t even know existed. I got a pair of them from a buddy on one of the cigar forums, and then @youngbuck sent me one along with a […]

What Am I Smoking This Week?

January 19, 2012 // 0 Comments

Whata You Smokin? Alright – into week two of the What am I smoking segment. I have heard a couple people say they like it while a few others could live with or without it so please let me know if you all want me to continue posting my weekly wrap up of smokes. This past week I was out of town for business so I only had 3 ‘after work’ smokes so I was […]

Blind Review #1 – What was it!?

January 15, 2012 // 4 Comments

I’m sure you all have been trying to figure out what cigar the three of us had in the first blind review at The Cigar Nut. I can see by the comments that almost everyone was right on target! A couple of you started making me nervous, I think we might have to step up the mystery behind the next couple blind reviews! But – the important part first – The first blind review cigar […]

Blind Review #1

January 12, 2012 // 12 Comments

Blind Review – #1 Here it is – the first ever Blind Review for The Cigar Nut. All of these cigars started in my posession – my wife picked them out, removed the labels and then I numbered and shipped them to Brian and Eric, so I do have a little bit of an advantage knowing what was in my humidor at the beginning. Please let us know if you like the Blind Reviews ( […]

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