5 Vegas A

The Cigar Nut

Well as much of you have been asking for my first ‘drunk’ review – I think I did pretty good! A little more humor than normal but I tried my best to stay on point haha! This video runs a bit longer than I had wanted, just under 9 minutes – as well please let me know if its too short/long so I can do better. Hope you all enjoy it, let me know what you think and there just may be more in the future!

Every Cigar Has A Story, Every Smoke A Memory

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11 Thoughts to “5 Vegas A”

  1. Craig (ArmyGLO)

    Yeah! 1st to comment!!! Great, although not as animated as I expected, but I did get to see your inner cigar weasel come out and ask for some more to be sent your way,,,LOL….

    Have to say I always have 20 or so of these around. Nice cheap reliable smoke. Haven’t experienced any of the bitter or harshness but then again I haven’t had any of the box-press.

    Can’t beat these IMO for the discounted cost.

    Like your video reviews, and glad to see you got that garage door fixed!!

  2. For the record, I could eat that shit for breakfast. Man up and smoke the 5 Vegas Knuckle when you wake up tomorrow and get back with me.

  3. Tom

    That was f’in hilarious video. While I enjoyed this drunken video review, the sober ones are great as well. Keep em coming!

  4. David I could not stop laughing awesome fucking video man keep these drunk videos going my man.

  5. Yes, yes I will probably watch this more than once! Nice one David.

  6. Joe

    Awesome review. I like it to, that was which size? The Apex? I really like the box-pressed as well, but you need to try it in the Apocalypse size. That’s the best.

  7. Jacob Krell

    I was expecting more antics but this was great. When you asked for everyone to send you cigars I laughed so hard. I like these for the price and always keep a few around. I guess it will be my turn next if I can figure out how to do it. I do not really drink often though so if I did there is no telling what the outcome would be lol.

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  9. BradinBuffalo

    Awesome Review, You should get whasted before everyone, and LIGHTS OUT plesae…..

  10. 4WheelSmoker

    Huh, never had a 5 Vegas, drunk or sober. I will have to try one sober…for sure.

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