5 Vegas – Miami

The Cigar Nut

Size: 6 x 48 (Toro)
Wrapper: Nicaraguan Corojo
Binder and Filler: Nicaraguan and Dominican
Strength: High Medium to Full
Price: About $6.75 a piece

5 Vegas Miami

Behind The Stick:

This is another line by the famous Don Pepin Garcia and although Americas initially look at this brand as ‘Five Vegas’ it is actually pronounced Cinco Vegas (I was corrected in public haha) and has been quite the rage since they started going into production. I attempted to locate more information about this blend, and although Don Pepin himself has had quite a history (more can be found in my review of the Don Pepin Garcia Cuban Classic) this blend does not seem to have the deep history his other blends do. This does not detract from the cigar, but I always enjoy hearing about the specific blends and how they came to be.

I was able to locate that the Miami edition has been toted as the most elusive blend within the entire 5 Vegas portfolio since it is hand made from 1st generation Cuban-seed grown in Nicaragua. The Long leaf tobacco that is used in this blend has been aged a bit longer than some of their other blends to provide a higher quality and overall more balanced taste. I wonder if this great looking stick will live up to the hype that this is their most elusive and perhaps best blend.

5 Vegas Miami

Taken in part from the 5 Vegas website
“A Cuban-esque bouquet of earth and leather mingle with notes of toasted oak, supported by a spicy finish. Full-bodied in character, but exceedingly smooth and balanced from first light down to the satisfying nub. Experience 5 Vegas Miami.”


I have been a big fan of Don Pepin for years, and although his blends are always great, the construction on some of these leave me with a bit more to be desired. The bands usually stick (not terrible but still rough) and the packing is never ‘horrible’ but always give me a fear of a soft spot or a bad burn. I was able to try a few and when it comes to the band, the same issues are present on the Miami. The burn on the other hand was perfect, which really allowed me to focus on the other aspects of the smoke. The wrapper is very attractive with a few veins and a good amount of tooth – these aspects really set this one off right with a seemingly nice rustic type feel.

5 Vegas Miami


Not a lot going on here – I’m sorry Don Pepin but this was not your ‘wow cigar’ I had expected when I read it was listed as their most elusive blend. I guess hard to find does not always mean it is supposed to be great! This was not a bad tasting blend so please do not take it the wrong way, but this was no Cuban Classic. Wood, earth, leather… Mild bitterness and a good Pepin kick of spice – As I said before this is not ‘bad’ but not quite what I was expecting from the master. The flavor itself, close to being flat, did not have to complexity or change in flavors, that most of us have grown accustomed to when we hear the name Don Pepin.

5 Vegas Miami


I would go out and grab a 3 pack if I were you, perhaps these cigars will hit you with a bit more of an oomph than they did me or perhaps I need to age them a bit longer, but I would not run out and purchase a box of these. I could see having these when doing yard work or as a ‘filler cigar’ after lunch or during some down time in between your more ‘desired smokes’ but these are not going to be the “go to celebration cigars”. The price is iffy, at just under $7.00 a cigar I feel I should be getting more bang for my buck but they are not too huge of a strain on the wallet. Would I smoke these, of course there is no reason not to – but at the same time I would not grab any more than a 3 pack at a time.

5 Vegas Miami

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3 Thoughts to “5 Vegas – Miami”

  1. Derek

    There seems to be a lot of confusion behind this stick. CigarsIntl markets it online as a Don Pepin product but further Internet searching seems to say that the 5Vegas Miami is actually blended by Pepin’s daughter Janny and Jose Garcia really didn’t have much to do with it, it’s just rolled in his factory but it’s not his blend at all.

  2. Thanks for the tip on how to pronounce this cigar’s name. I have a handful in my humidor that I have yet to smoke. I’m looking forward to them now!

  3. John Werner

    This cigar is definitely a milder Don Pepin sourced stick. It can be purchased many times at around $5 to $6. Like Derek, I’ve read that Janny, Don’s daughter, blended this flavor profile. That makes sense as it a toned down version of the taste that has made the man famous. It definitely isn’t the complex and spicy taste thas is synonymous with it’s source, but if you can get a nice taste at this price I’d say it’s a pretty good bet.

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