5 Vegas Relic

The Cigar Nut

Size: 5.7 x 54 (Perfecto)
Wrapper: Dominican Republic Corojo
Binder and Filler: Dominican Republic Piloto, Corojo, Crillo
Strength: Full
Price: Roughly $5.25

5 Vegas Relic

Behind The Stick:

I was lucky enough to have this cigar gifted to me from Cigars Direct within their cigar of the month program and I must say that I have not been able to smoke more than one, this is a single cigar or initial thoughts review. Right from the beginning one can tell this cigar is not like many others on the market – simply by the physical aesthetics alone. The Dominican Puro created as a single vitola of 5.7 x 54 perfecto has been blended using a mainly Criollo and Corojo mix but to top off this blend, they added a single leaf of 12-year old Piloto tobacco (all Dominican of course) to take out some of the bite and smooth the cigar down. I wish I had more specific information about the brand and the history, but this is just one of those cigars that seems to have come out of no where with limited documented history – haha.

5 Vegas Relic


Did someone say tooth? If you have never heard the term or unsure of what they are referencing when using this term, just take a look at this wrapper. Although not granular like sand paper but similar in appearance this wrapper appears to have small ‘bumps’ along its entire length – In my opinion this coincides perfectly with the band and overall appearance, giving it that older, almost ancient ‘relic’ feel. A little over packed, this cigar does nothing but scream to be clipped and lit. The mild veins and odd appearance – although hitting a different ‘nerve’ – did not cause any negative effects to the triple cap, band, burn or ash. All in all a very well made cigar. Bonus.

5 Vegas Relic


From holding the cigar at arms length to inspecting it up close, this stick had an appearance that was perfectly fit by the delivery. Although the beginning was a much more pronounced tobacco flavor, a mild coffee and nutty flavor emerged slowly, a very subtle hint of sweetness breaking through to a very enjoyable mix. During the process of warming up and moving to a larger filler to wrapper ratio, the cigar seemed to pick up a bit more spice – not like a black pepper or cooking spice but more similar to a sweet spice – perhaps cinnamon or something of the like.

Once well within the middle, and fattest portion of the cigar – the first ash was removed at about an inch and a half and a surge of the initial coffee flavor returned but this time mixed with a more defined sweet note of coco – similar to the powdered chocolate drink mix. Rounding the corner and entering the final portion of the cigar the original coffee flavor that I really have grown to enjoy seems to slowly ebb away, the sweet spice and tobacco taking the foreground – a minor leather or bitter flavor appearing just before I put this one out prior to a nub.

5 Vegas Relic


5 Vegas has done it again, created a unique yet interestingly enough, very productive cigar. Originally when I saw this cigar, I looked down at it and put it in my humidor without too much worry or concern. After it sat there for a few months, being rotated to the top and then to the back and forth, the simple band stood out and I knew what I had to try. I wish I had gotten a few more of these, for after 2 months or so of rest and a hankering for something new to try, I find myself reaching for another! Would I consider this one a hit out of the park and into the ‘wow’ category – absolutely not. Would I consider this to be a great road trip or ‘mind wandering’ cigar? Without a doubt.
The 5 Vegas Relic was able to include enough of a physical persona as well as just enough complexity to keep one interested or a great conversation cigar but I would not consider this a daily or a ‘go to’ stick for myself. I really like those cigars where you don’t ‘have’ to pay attention to the flavor changes, you can just enjoy a great conversation and pick up on the noticeable changes. If you have never tried them I highly recommend a 3 to 5 pack – this full body beauty might be right up an alley similar to mine, or perhaps this one will be a total bomb but at $5.00 (give or take) a pop, splurge for a couple and give it a chance!

5 Vegas Relic

Every Cigar Has A Story, Every Smoke A Memory

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4 Thoughts to “5 Vegas Relic”

  1. Mike

    I just smoked my first Relic. While not blown away, it was a good smoke. The first 2/3 were bold and spicy with an underlying earth note. After that it simply dropped off and became a little on the bland side and maybe even a little harsh. I enjoyed it as I see every cigar a new adventure. I’d smoke one again but, I agree, not a “go to” cigar.

  2. BigSmokeDan

    I have smoked some fine 5 Vegas and some less than desireable. This one was horrid. ammonia burned my nose, from start to finish, Less than 1/2 way. I only got a fiver so I’m going to uncello them and stick them in the back of the humidor for at least 6 months to a year. Too bad though, they are beatifully constructed.

  3. John Werner

    The first ones I smoked six months ago were a bit harsh due to unbridled spiciness and, not often, but I think I got a little ammonia once or twice in three or four sticks. The ammonia was isolated and was gone as suddenly as it appeared. That was somewhat strange to say the least.

    Now half-a-year later these babies are on the up-swing. First there’s now just the right zing to the spice on the tongue and in the nostrils to make it a bit lively, but not offensive. The flavor is coffee with cream and a hint of nuttiness which is quiet pleasant. I like these much more now than I remember and have hopes they may really continue to gain more refinement with some more humidor time. Now this cigar really is living up to its name as it just short of total smoothness, but is enjoyable and looks the same with its rustic appearance. The taste, besides the spiciness, is light (coffee cut w/ cream) so don’t expect deep dark tones with flavors weaving in and out and you won’t be disappointed..this cigar stayed similar throughtout the burn. Speaking of the burn, I get a small charge out of a smaller cigar that burns for a longer time than some Churchills…This is such a long-burner! Buy a few of these and sit on them. Be patient (that applies to the need to correct the burn a bit more or less from stick to stick) and this unique cigar may surprise you yet!

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