Achievements Already Being Submitted!

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As the title implies people have already been submitting achievements! In fact, before I even announced that the achievements were back Tony C had submitted an entry for the Mental Illness achievement then less than a week later I have another 2 additions! With the response already seeming to do well, I am going to up the prize – not sure what it will be just yet but I will let you all know! Also, be sure to keep an eye on the Achievement Scoreboard to see who is in the lead!

Without further adieu –

Mental Illness: Pulled out an LP9 that had a Small hole. I couldn’t bring myself to smoke it thinking there was a beetle inside so I tore it apart.

The only thing I found was the hole was only wrapper deep, meaning it wasn’t from a beetle!


and then M. Thorne submitted a completed Double Ash and Forgetful achievements as well as gave an idea for a new achievement that will be added!

Forgetful: I started with a Liga No. 9 for this achievement and a little bit in I thought I should try the double ash. It was a cool afternoon but not too bad to enjoy two cigars. I smoked through the band of the No. 9 which wasn’t easy until I discovered a stem and removed it.

Double Ash: I also burned a dirty rat staying with the Liga Privada theme. They paired really well and actually helped me see the nuances of each smoke.

– Thorne

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