Alec Bradley Tempus Imperator

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Size: 52 X 6 1/8
Wrapper: Honduras Criollo 98
Binder: Honduras Criollo 98 – Indonesia Embetunada
Filler: Honduras, Nicaragua
Price: Around $7 to $9

Alec Bradley Tempus Imperator

Behind The Stick: Tempus is Latin for time. I can’t say it any better and this is taken directly from the Alec Bradley website “Time is one of the most important factors when creating a great cigar; Time for the tobaccos to mature in the fields; for perfect fermentation, aging time, and time for the rich tobacco flavors to meld into one. In our industry and in our lives, time is the one component that is always in demand. Alec Bradley Tempus is created to enjoy most of what we have least….TIME”. What a great statement that we as cigar smokers should all appreciate. There is nothing better than to spend valuable time smoking a great cigar.

Alec Bradley Tempus Imperator

Construction: The wrapper is flawless with a nice dark reddish/brown oily wrapper and is one of the toothiest wrappers I have seen. The Tempus features a triple cap which was done well. I rested this cigar for a few months in my humidor and when I picked it up it felt very hard. When I squeezed there was no give and the cigar was solid. The tobaccos seemed to be rolled very tightly. I thought for sure there would be issues later on because of this but I was wrong. The cigar has a large band that really stands out and a foot band.

Alec Bradley Tempus Imperator

Flavor: The cigar starts off with a great draw and tons of smoke. I get an initial cocoa flavor, some spice, and nutty flavor. As I was smoking this cigar on my deck my wife was drawn to the aroma of the cigar which she said she really enjoyed. I told her to go ahead and try it. I would only ever share a cigar with my wife and do not share with anyone else. My wife said it reminded her of Mexican food. WHAT? I have no idea what she meant but I did tell her I was going to share that with everyone. She just giggled and said she couldn’t explain it. She did enjoy the cigar and snuck in a few more puffs periodically. About half way into the cigar I started picking up flavors of cedar, a slight sweetness, and hints of coffee. The cigar smoked very smoothly and had a great after taste. I was expecting issues with the draw or burn because the cigar felt very hard but I did not experience any negative issues. The ash held and was very solid. When I reached the 2 ½ inch mark it took some effort to knock the ash off. This cigar burned very slowly and I smoked it to a tiny nub without any excessive heat or harshness.

Alec Bradley Tempus Imperator

Overall: The Alec Bradley Tempus has been out for awhile now and we all know the extremely high ratings it received. I have never been much on ratings in magazines. I do read them and enjoy trying the higher rated cigars but have found many lower rated cigars that I like more. For me it boils down to I either like it or I don’t. If I like a cigar I can put it in some sort of order to compare it with others that I like but I do not assign a number rating or point value. I can’t be a judge of whether or not it deserved the rating someone else gave it. We all have different likes and dislikes with anything in life and especially in our hobby. They look good, smoke good, taste great, and are on target on the price for what I expect. I didn’t hear the choirs of heaven sing and it wasn’t so amazingly good that it brought tears of joy to my eyes. However, this cigar was a great experience for me and Tempus (Time) is right on the mark – Smoke time of 2 hours. I liked this cigar and I wouldn’t mind having a few of them sitting in my humidor ready to spend some time with me.

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