Arturo Fuente Opus X 1992 Rare Estate Reserve

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Size: 5.25 x 50
Wrapper: Dominican
Binder and Filler: Dominican
Strength: Full
Price: $100 for a tin of 3 (roughly $34.00 USD a stick)

Arturo Fuente Opus X 1992 Rare Estate Reserve

Behind The Stick:


I’m sure we have all heard about the Opus X (or one of the derivatives) and the hype that surrounds them. I was originally told ‘If you want a great cigar and can’t get a Cuban, get yourself an Opus X’ – well, one thing is for certain – if your living in the United States the costs are just about the same… expensive. Sure, Opus X cigars have been said to use the best tobacco from one of the best and leading cigar families in the world (even some Cuban families) – Arturo Fuente- ensuring they use the best ingredients, growing practices and rollers. Many have claimed that it is actually the extremely rich soil, in addition to their practices, that gives these cigars their unique flavor and mystique.

This tin in specific contained three of the Opus X 1992 Rare Estate Reserve which through my research has one of two meanings behind it. A – I read most often that these were harvested in 1992 (the first marketable year of tobacco production) and have been aging since. B – I saw on a forum that the seeds were planted in 1992, the wrapper and binder being aged and used after that season. Either way you go about it these cigars have some serious age and attention to detail – hopefully good sign of things to come!


I received this from David so we could do a joint review. We thought it would be nice to give 2 opinions in a review and plan on doing more. If you don’t know about the Opus X you need to get out of the house more.



This is where I need to learn not to research or see the price of a cigar before I smoke then. Yes, the cigar is very well made – evenly packed from head to foot, no blemishes, no large veins, no issues with the cap or anything even resembling a worry. I know, these cigars are about 35 a piece so I should be dressing them up with beautiful words and detailed explanations – but sorry guys. The packaging is where they lost me- the cedar sleeve had some of the scotch tape sticking to the wrapper and the band had a bit too much glue which caused a little issue around the wrapper. It was not bad, just seemed like they were in a bit of a rush and lacked the attention to detail for such an expensive and special cigar.


The cigar features a cedar sleeve and a red ribbon foot band. The red, gold, and black band had too much glue on it. The wrapper is medium brown color that looks great. The cigar appears to be evenly rolled, packed tightly, and feels great in your hand.



Okay, okay – you got me, these things friggn rock. Yes, this would be up there with some of the best cigars I have ever smoked. An almost overly sweet tobacco backed with a mild bitter/harsh earth started this cigar out with the base which (almost at the perfect times) would ebb in and out in a very definable way making it a bit easier to pick out certain flavors. Every five to ten minutes, as the cigar warmed up, the flavors would push with a new burst, almonds, defined cedar, an undefinable ‘salty wood’, coffee, chocolate and ending with a mildly bitter leather flavor (my favorite part). I wish I could describe them each in more detail but all I have to say, this is a cigar each person should enjoy at least once!


Get ready for a ride. This cigar seemed to continuously change flavors on every puff. It started off toasty and peppery. The finish was smooth and slightly sweet. I experienced so many flavors including cocoa, coffee, cedar, and nuts throughout. The ash was the brightest and whitest I have ever seen in a cigar. The smoke from the cigar was plentiful and the draw was perfect.



So to preface this, I got this 3 pack as a gift and in no way would I spend 36+ on a single stick, yet alone around $110.00 for 3 – but sob, this was good and purchasing my own 3 pack has crossed my mind more than once. The packaging of the tin is excellent, very eye appealing and really shows their skills – although the price of these cigars might have the cost of the tin ‘included’ haha. The cigar itself, friggn amazing. Very complex, very well constructed, great draw and burn – really everything that a ‘celebratory’ or ‘special’ smoke should be – except when it comes to the price. I would honestly pay $20-25 for one without thinking twice but once the price level crests the $30.00 mark, I feel one is paying more for the name than anything else (just my opinion) and really when you hear Opus X, yet alone their Rare Estate Reserve, expect a nice gouge on the price. If you can grab a single, do so, if you want to splurge and have some amazing (but expensive) cigars resting – go for it.


Going into this I knew there was a ton of hype behind the cigar. I avoided reading any specifics on it so I could keep an open mind. The flavors were fantastic and kept me guessing about what was coming next. I was disappointed with burn issues and having to touch up the cigar several times to even out the burn. As for the price and the hype I just don’t see it. Definitely a good cigar but not the best cigar I have ever had. It is a great tasting cigar and I would enjoy smoking more. For the right price I might pick one up for a special occasion but this is not an everyday cigar and personally I can’t afford a box.

Every Cigar Has A Story, Every Smoke A Memory

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