Arturo Fuente Sun Grown Double Chateau Fuente

The Cigar Nut

Size: 6-3/4 x 50 Double Corona
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sun Grown
Binder and Filler: Dominican
Strength: Medium
Price: ~ $6.00 USD each


Behind The Stick:

The Fuente family traces its roots to Cuba where the Patriarch of the family, Arturo Fuente, was born.     In 1906 Arturo immigrated to Key West Florida & in 1912 he began producing cigars bearing his name at a factory in famed Ybor City.    With ventures to Nicaragua & then the Domenican Republic the Fuente’s have become one of the most respected names in the cigar industry.   Today the family business is guided by Arturo’s son & grandson Carlos Sr. & Carlos Jr.      

Most of the hype associated with Fuente cigars today is focused on the powerful Fuente Fuente Opus X line. With an increased demand for full bodied cigars combined with regular high ratings in Cigar Aficionado magazine, the Opus X has become the most talked about line within the Fuente portfolio. The Fuente’s also have other blends like the Hemmingway, Don Carlos & Anejo within the premium cigar category & price point. However, the Fuente’s certainly haven’t neglected those of us who can’t afford to smoke and Opus X or Hemmingway as part of our everyday rotation. The Arturo Fuente Gran Reserva line is the meat and potatoes line that the Fuente name was built on & it rightfully bears the name of the man who started it all. Available in an African Cameroon, Connecticut Shade & Ecuadorian Sun Grown wrapper it is the sun grown that is touted as the sweeter & more full bodied of the three and it can be easily distinguished by the black band on the label and at the foot of the cigar. Available in a robusto, belicoso, cuban belicoso, torpedo and double corona the Sun Grown is reasonably priced, ranging from about $4.50 for the robusto up to $7.50 for the belicoso. Today I have chosen the double corona size to review so let’s get right to it.


First off let me say that is is a big stick! I know that in today’s cigar world the big guns can easily be found in 6×60’s & 7×60’s but the 6-3/4 x 50 double corona is still a lot of cigar. Once I removed the cedar sleeve that covered the cigar from band to foot I discovered a couple large veins on an otherwise gorgeous deep brown wrapper. The cigar feels heavy in my hand and doesn’t give very much at all when I squeeze it. The foot shows nicely packed long filler & the body of the cigar has no obvious imperfections that would give me any reason to deduct marks at this point. Not bad when you consider the price point & size of this Fuente.


This cigar came to life right out of the gate with flavors of dark chocolate, leather and nuts that were balanced by an underlying sweetness.  The smoke produced by each puff filled the air with a fantastic sweet tobacco aroma that made me think instantly of pipe smoke. Additional hints of coffee & leather could also be detected as I smoked into the mid point of the cigar. In the final third of the cigar I regularly enjoyed a great buttery/nutty flavor that put a strong finish to the whole experience. The underlying sweetness is what really brought the entire package together for me. I can only describe it as a molasses flavor, always in the background, that worked beautifully to maintain a cohesive profile while the other flavors took turns at various stages.



At a price point of $6 per cigar I consider the Arturo Fuente Sun Grown Double Chateau Fuente an excellent value. The construction is good and the flavor profile offers a classic sun grown sweetness as the backdrop for a very enjoyable medium bodied smoke that shifts gears enough to keep things interesting. The 6-3/4 x 50 double corona size does requires a bit of a commitment to smoke, averaging about 1.5hrs smoke time for the 4 sticks I enjoyed for this review.   

If you love Fuente quality but don’t want to pay Opus X prices than you can’t go wrong with these sun grown beauties. With a box of 20 available as low as $90 from some online retailers I think I just might pull the trigger on these fantastic Fuente’s and still have some cash left to take the wife out for dinner on Saturday night!

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2 Thoughts to “Arturo Fuente Sun Grown Double Chateau Fuente”

  1. JohnG

    Never had an Opus X or an Anejo but I have had plenty of the Gran Reserva line. When I first started smoking cigars these were in the rotation quite often and I do revisit with them occasionally. Thanks for the review.

  2. Derick Bullivant

    This really is a really good read I think, Must admit that you’ll be one of the best bloggers I ever saw. I never had this cigar until your review, and I can’t believe I passed it up! Very good smoke!

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