Black Pearl Morado

The Cigar Nut

Size: 6.52 x 52 Torpedo
Wrapper: Cameroon
Binder and Filler: Nicaraguan
Price: ~ $4.00 USD each

Behind The Stick:

Today I decided to grab a cigar that I personally consider a little more under the radar. Its a cheapie but as we all know – thats not always a bad thing. The La Perla Habana’s ten year anniversary gave way to the Black Pearl Morado, a blend that was created by Rafael Guerra although the cigars are actually hand rolled by the Torano Family Factory in Esteli, Nicaragua. Like many cigars that use a Cameroon wrapper, The Black Pearl cigars will only be sold in limited quantities due to the scarcity of the leaf. Whenever I go for a cigar in the under $5 range I always get a little squeamish – this is either going to be decent to good or its going to be a dog turd. Lets see how these shape out!


Even if this cigar was over the bargain box price, I would still say it was good construction. Evenly packed throughout ( maybe a little light on the foot but hey, I can live with that ), well placed cap that cut cleanly without any issues, medium to tight draw and an excellent ‘hand appeal’. When I held the cigar, it just ‘felt right’ in my hand – hard to explain and it doesn’t do anything for the smoke, just was a well made cigar. Hell – even the band removal was completed without any issues – alright alright, 4 bucks well spent so far.


The initial few puffs are very comparable to the pre-light draw – light spice with this hint of coffee. Not espresso or anything dark like that, more like a nice cup of dunken doughnuts but add in a little cream feel – not taste but feel – the smoke itself had this ‘thick’ sensation to it which made for a few failed attempts at smoke rings. The first and most of the 2nd third maintained this flavor profile, a few hints of leather or light earth would come and go which stepped up the intensity, but almost left me underwhelmed as the ‘anticipated flavor’ would diminish and disappear. Son of a bitch.

The last third is where this cigar really shined, although for only 10 to 15 minutes the flavors either found some speed or someone stuck their ass with a cattle prod. Coffee, leather, cedar, a strange sweetness I couldn’t pin down, caramel and even a touch of spice from before – holy shit where did this come from?


La Perla – You got a new customer. If the rest of the line performs in similar fashion and maintains this cost effective approach, I see no reason why these wont go into my normal ‘yard/car gar’ rotation. The start of this cigar was slow – painfully slow. The flavors were not bad but I had to smoke a good 75% of this cigar before anything real ‘exciting’ started to happen. Yes, the flavors did ebb in and out and it was enjoyable enough to accompany me in the garden or while working on the car but this simply was not a cigar that I would see in a humidor and say ‘Excuse me, I want every one of those that you have in stock’. I am a huge fan of ‘good smokes’ at a reasonable price and The Black Pearl fits into that category.

I wouldn’t use these to celebrate a child’s birth, but I also wouldn’t pass these up if you get a chance to grab a few. Give them a shot and let me know what you think!

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  1. JohnG

    I have noticed these cigars many times in catalogs but never heard much about them or what to expect. Thanks for the input.

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