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Brew Review : 4 Hands Brewing Contact High

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Brew Review : 4 Hands Brewing Contact High

Country: United States
Bottler: 4 Hands Brewery
Distillation Date: Unknown
Style: American Pale Wheat Ale
Alcohol: 5.00% ABV

4 Hands Brewing - Contact High - Cover

Behind The Booze:

You knew I had to pick another St. Louis brewery for this weeks Brew Review! 4 Hands Brewing has come out with some ‘unique’ and almost borderline exotic types of brews over the years and the Contact High is no different. Taken from their site “Contact High is our summer seasonal inspired by the American craft movement. We made this wheat ale exciting by adding pacific northwest hops and dry hopping with orange zest. Contact high pours a bright orange hue with a bit citrus aroma. Citrus zest + hops + wheat = summer”. With a description like that – not much else to say. Onto the review!

4 Hands Brewing - Contact High - poured


This brew caught me off guard – not because of the medium gold color, the minor lacing or the broad aroma but rather because even though I tried to baby the pour this thing created a big, hearty head that just made me smile. Nothing crazy good or bad to report – just a nice looking, golden colored wheat ale.

4 Hands Brewing - Contact High - Paired


The initial scent that I got off this beer was the wheat, hops, citrus and just a dash of a pine or ‘tang’ smell. It all works together better than it sounds – but was unique none the less. The flavor pretty much stayed inline with the scent – the hops, wheat, mild bitterness washed over with a fresh and crisp citrus blast. The side of the bottle said that it pairs well with poultry and spicy food and I will say that it went with my home fried chicken wings like no other.


I normally don’t go out and find the ‘rare’ or ‘exotic’ beers – simply because 9/10 times it seems like I pick the wrong choice. Well – luckily for this review, I chose right. The beer was priced right, carried that ‘exotic’ aspect to it, paired well with what they said it should and most of all – carried that alcohol kick! This is not a beer that I would go out and specifically get drunk on – the citrus and bitterness mixed well but by the end of the beer, I was done. If you have never tried 4 Hands Brewery or if you have and just have not ventured into the Contact High – I highly recommend it. If you have had it, let me know what you thought!

Step back, relax, and enjoy.

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