Bruichbladdich 19 Year Old 1989 Black Art

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Bruichbladdich 19 Year Old 1989 Black Art

Country: Scotch Whisky
Distillery: Bruichladdich
Bottler: Bruichladdich
Distillation Date: 1989
Style: Single Malt Whisky
Bottling Date: Unknown
Alcohol: 51.10%
Price: Roughly $122.00 USD a bottle

Bruichbladdich 19 year old 1989 Black Art

Behind The Booze:

I found out a bit of pretty interesting information while I was enjoying a few fingers of the Bruichbladdich 19 Year Old 1989 Black Art – first and foremost they only made 6,000 bottles worldwide so this is a pretty limited edition release but is still available – secondly this spirit has been matured in bourbon and a medley of wine casks! I also heard reference to the Blacker Still expression being that this was matured in the ‘Stygian darkness of Warehouse No. 12″ although I could not find much more information on this warehouse. Lets see what this dark bottled, limited edition masterpiece has to offer.


When I first poured this out I thought that it had a defined red characteristic to the liquid but upon further inspection it appeared to have a much more pink appearance – pretty offsetting to be honest. After reading up on the making of the whisky it makes sense that yes, some of the wine coloring would bleed in but really… that much? The nose of the liquid is decently pleasing but the more and more I look and smell this, it reminds me of a floral red wine mixed with a touch of whisky rather than whisky with a touch of red wine – maybe a dash too much.

Bruichbladdich 19 Year Old 1989 Black Art


I told you this reminds me of red wine right? Lots of red fruits hit the palate right from the beginning and only after a quick swirl in the mouth does the warmth and bite of the whisky really come out. Much more sweet than I like my spirits, but the bitterness played off the sugar rush well enough to cause me to drink a bit more than expected – some light cinnamon flavors sneaking in to join the mix. Although this whisky does have the classic bite, the long finish just repeats red wine over and over again.


I liked it in moderation, but I’m not going to buy a bottle anytime soon. I think it was a great idea and the more I read up on the process it sounded like a great experiment but the product (for myself) just did not seem to come out the way I expected. The color (basically pink), the fruity smell and near overpowering red wine flavor mixed with the whisky just is not a spirit I like. I can see for those who are into red wines and making a transition to whisky or someone who wants to try a unique spirit grab a dram sampler, but at $122.00 usd a bottle I think I will write this off as a glad I tried it but not for me.

Step back, relax, and enjoy.

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  1. Vaughn Berger

    If this were merely an extra case or two sitting around the obvious drink more would apply. This worked well but Im now at a stage where I still have probably twice as much as I need and its almost all geek bottles that dont have a good potential for resale.

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