Bucanero – Don Douglas Cabinet Churchill

The Cigar Nut

Size: 6 7/8 x 48 (Churchill)
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sumatra
Binder and Filler: Dominican, Nicaraguan
Strength: Mild to Medium
Price: Just under $5.00 a piece, $47.95 for a pack of 10

Don Douglas Cabinet Churchill

Behind The Stick:

This is another one of the many blends that the Bucanero company produces, this one specifically in honor of Master Blender Don Douglas Pueringer, and gentleman who ended up retiring from the cigar business in 2002. Robert was kind enough to send these to me in a sampler package and have been sitting in my humidor for the past 2 months- be sure to check out the Bucanero Z, another one of Robert’s creations. This cigar, handcrafted using some of the finest Ecuadorian, Nicaraguan and Dominican tobaccos has been toted as ‘excellent’ and ‘fantastic’ and a perfect tribute to a great blender. Let us see if the Bucanero Don Douglas Cabinet Churchill lives up to the hype!

Don Douglas Cabinet Churchill


Simply beautiful! This cigar really delivers when it comes to the appearance – perfectly packed from head to foot only the slightest bit of give at the foot which was well expected. Although there was one decently sized vein, most of the veins were very small and minimal in numbers at that giving this smoke a great appearance. My pet peeve struck again, the band did end up sticking to the wrapper a little causing a slight tear near the head of the cigar. Now, although this really didn’t cause any issues with the smoking capabilities it was a pretty big eye sore and being my pet peeve had to be noted.

Don Douglas Cabinet Churchill


Even before I was able to light one of these up, I removed them from the cellophane and was immediately punched with a very strong cellar type smell. No offense but all I can only compare this to a light but musty, underground type smell. The reason I am trying to explain this scent is that the first tastes that this cigar puts off are that of this damp cellar. Granted, once your about half an inch into the smoke that cellar taste finally goes from the foreground, but keeps its ugly little head in the background for the majority of the smoke.

With the warming and progression of the cigar, these flavors gave way to a more balanced light grass and hay type flavor adding in with a bit of a cream type sensation. These flavors, although rich, were not as balanced as I had expected, the bitter and musty cellar taste coming and going as it pleased. Rounding the corner into the last third, the musty flavor was completely gone, a simply awesome mix of wood and grass just spewing forth great flavors.

Don Douglas Cabinet Churchill


This is one of those cigars that I recommend you try – just because it did not hit the flavor profile I prefer does not mean you may not like it. My biggest complaint would be the musty, dank type of cellar smell and taste that really took over this cigar. Once this flavor wore off (about the last 15 minutes of the cigar) I have to admit, it was a pretty good smoke but the trip leading up to it, in my opinion, was not worth it. Perhaps these were in there ‘sick time’ or maybe this is normal, either way I’m very glad I was able to smoke these but I don’t see myself running out to the next store to pick one up. I would like to revisit a pair after they have had some time (perhaps a year even) to rest and perhaps they would strike me differently.

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