Bucanero Z

The Cigar Nut

Size: 6 x 50
Wrapper: Ecuadorian
Binder and Filler: Dominican Republic and Nicaraguan
Strength: Mild to Medium
Price: Just under $6.00 a piece

Bucanero Z

Behind The Stick:

I had the pleasure of coming in contact with Robert Spoden near the beginning of the year and through e-mail and phone conversations he decided to bless me with me with a sampler package of his cigars. Not only is this a smaller, family operated company but it is also 100% veteran owned and operated. I don’t think I could give any better information than what they have presented on their site.

Taken in full from the Bucanero Website:

“Over the last 15 years our small family owned cigar company has slowly introduced a compliment of new and unique blends. Each of our 22 signature cigars has its own distinction. As a manufacturer of premium cigars we believe that time is on our side. We take the time to age our vintage tobaccos. We take the time to maintain quality. In time we hope many discover our fine cigars. Our 22 blends offer the premium cigar lover a full range of robust flavor. Each blend stands on its own blended from select “boutique” tobaccos from around the world.

Many of our fine tobacco fillers are rare and held in strict secrecy as to protect our exclusive blends. Bucanero’s are a limited production and limited distribution cigar. We use the finest tobaccos from 10 different nations to achieve our signature blending. We also invest years in aging our many different fine tobaccos to assure you have a special journey in flavor free from any bitterness and disappointment. Each cigar is draw tested to ensure a perfect draw. The absolute best care is taken in hand making each Bucanero.

Each Bucanero cigar blend is unique and distinctive. It’s the art of blending all of our aged tobaccos from so many different countries that makes our cigars so special. Just like a fine wine blending is essential in producing a truly flavorful, robust cigar. We will continue to keep our production numbers small in comparison to cigar manufactures that produce cigars by the millions. It’s the only way to keep the quality and the flavor consistent from one Bucanero to another.

May life bring to you much happiness and hopefully you will fire up a Bucanero while enjoying one of life’s special moments.”

Let us see if one of their select blends, the Bucanero Z, will prove to be just as good as Robert says.

Bucanero Z


What an amazing looking cigar. Very well made box pressed producing a still very solid and evenly packed stick from head to foot. I was really surprised with this one because, unlike a few other box pressed cigars I’ve had, it still remained firm towards the foot adding even more confidence to the craftsmanship. The light brown wrapper contains maybe one or two medium to small sized veins but gives more character and feel than causing any type of issue. My one pet peeve, the band – Although I was able to ‘wiggle’ the band from side to side and eventually slide it off, there was no way I was going to pull this one off without it causing at least some issues. If thats the worst part tho, I’m ready to dig in!

Bucanero Z


This cigar exhibits a great grassy aroma – I don’t normally include that in a flavor report, but the initial flavor was how I would expect the smell to taste – if that makes sense. Once the light, earth and grass flavor passed this cigar eluded to a nice coco mixed with spices. Once I was well within the first inch of the stick, a few woody notes became apparent blending very well with the natural sweet tobacco profile. Once I hit the mid way point this woody, sweet tobacco carried through to the end. Not an overly complex cigar but in my opinion there are times and places where you don’t want or need a ‘wow’ cigar.

Bucanero Z


Right off the bat, I recommend this cigar, not only do I respect the company but their product delivers as well. Is this a ‘wow’ cigar or one that I would exchange out for my current stock – no – but on the same thought this was an excellent smoke that I really enjoyed and plan on keeping a few of within arms reach at all times. This is the type of cigar that allows you to sit down, relax and let your mind drift rather than a cigar that demands your full attention which is very appealing to me. Perhaps a nice after meal smoke or even for some of the veterans a nice start to the day mixed with a coffee – The price also gives it a big bonus being within the budget range. Although a bit linear near the end of the smoke, it never became bitter or gave any reason for me to set it down – all in all a great smoke.

Every Cigar Has A Story, Every Smoke A Memory

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