Cain Daytona

The Cigar Nut

Size: 6 x 46 (Corona)
Wrapper: Nicaragua Habano
Binder and Filler: Nicaragua Habano ( filler 100% from the Jalapa Valley )
Strength: Medium
Price: Just under $5.00 usd each

Behind The Stick:

This is a cigar that comes from the new Studio Tobac tour sampler which included a few different ‘to be released’ cigars that really created a decent amount of hype within the online cigar community. Studio Tobac began with the departure of Sam Leccia from Oliva Cigars, and simply have been on one hell of a roll since they began. This company, as far as I can tell, will house the previous Nub, newer Cain and future ‘experimental releases’ that the parent company Oliva may have in the works. It has been commented that the Daytonas are not quite at strong as the F or other Cains but still boast a strong, full flavored profile. Search around the web a little and you will see pages and pages of more in depth history, but for now – lets get onto the review!


Running with the normal Studio Tobac motif, this cigar looks amazing. Although this cigar was topped with a seamless cap and an awesome looking foot band, the cigar seemed to have a little more give in the middle than I was expecting – luckily it didn’t cause any issues but it was enough to get me concerned. By the way – the wrapper on this thing – amazing. Just the right amount of tooth to reinforce the natural product appearance but from a distance the wrapper looked as if it were ‘dipped’ – the rolling lines/seams just about non-existent. Lastly – my pet peeve with the band removal . . . Perfect! Slid right off without any excessive effort at all – very nice! So what – it was a little soft in the middle, I can live with that.


From the beginning, a pleasant – well maybe ‘healthy’ dose of spice covered my taste buds and was accentuated with an immediate earth and leather flavor, backed by the oh so good ‘sweet’ natural tobacco flavor. A few have noted the spice was a bit too much and I will say when I retrohaled it really was far too intense for me, but just in normal puffing circumstances I think it was fantastic. Getting past the first inch, the draw opened up and a wood flavor crept in out of no where, it did not really alter the overall flavor but added that ‘dash of XXXX’ to the recipe. The 2nd and last third honestly didn’t show too much of a complex character but did give well defined changes to the ‘intensity’ of each flavor keeping it interesting without being overly complex.


I am not going to lie, I was really anticipating to be blown away by this cigar. I smoked this while BBQ-ing, included a Bud Light and some Bookers and they all did well together, but to me it was more of a ‘enjoy the cigar but enjoy the other things your doing more’. Working on the car, on the yard, BBQ-ing or just bullshitting with friends I think this cigar exhibits the perfect qualities for those activities – great smoke with minimal devoted attention required. For $5.00 a pop, these cigars are right within budget and the delivery seems to fit the price – well constructed, good flavor profile ( although a bit linear ) with a great room aroma. All in all, a box purchase in my near future? Probably not – although a 5 pack or two? On the list. With the weather consistently being a bit better, I think I found my go to BBQ cigar! Try a few and let me know what you think!

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3 Thoughts to “Cain Daytona”

  1. TriMarkC

    Excellent review! I tried one for first time a few weeks ago w @Oliva_Josh (sp) & guys from NUb Forum & loved it!

  2. Very nice! Glad you enjoyed it! If you can get your hands on more I’d recommend it!

  3. Thorne

    Sounds like a good boat cigar too. I’m planning on heading to Nashville for the Studio Tobac event Friday to get a box and the accompanying goodies including the sampler. I have not tried the Daytona so it should be a good time to sample it. Thanks for the review.

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