CAO Brazilia Cuban Press

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Size: 4 7/8 x 50 (Cuban Press)
Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro
Binder and Filler: Dominican Republic, Honduras, Nicaragua, Peru and Brazil
Strength: Medium to Medium-Full
Price: 12 Pack Box Set roughly $70.00 usd

Just A Taste

Yes, we have another great cigar from the Cuban Press Box Set, today it is the CAO Brazilia Cuban Press. Just like the MX2, the LX2 and the Italia, this cigar remains true to the original Brazilia blend that many of us have grown to love (or hate for some haha). The Cuban Press, although toted to be a bit more flavorful due to the shape, does not seem to be talked about nearly as much. Check out my quick ‘Just a taste’ review and find out if this is a diamond in the ruff or a dud no one speaks of!

For whatever reason, the Brazilia’s were the only ones of the set that consistently had a large vein running through each smoke. As well, on each of the cigars this caused an issue with the burn requiring a few more touch ups than expected even with this shaped cigar. Very dark and overall appealing, the only blemish was the burn issue.

I was really looking forward to seeing what this cigar could produce flavor wise since I am a fan of the robusto size and many have said this type of press enhances that experience. Errrrr – not this time. Although flavorful, the CAO Brazilia Cuban Press were not as potent as their round cousins – the natural sweet tobacco with a mild spice that remained on the lips and palate went very well together. From time to time I was able to notice a slight coffee or espresso flavor, but this was few and far between.

I’m a big fan of CAO and if I had to pick any of them, I would say this was the dud from the box set. Still enjoyable, these cigars caused more of a headache with the large vein and burn issues as well as my expectations not being met. The later is my issue, I should not have walked into it expecting something more, but with the hype and excellent delivery of their robustos, I thought this was going to be a hit out of the park but this one just fouled out.

Every Cigar Has A Story, Every Smoke A Memory

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  1. Interestingly, the Brazilia was the only one I had a problem with, as well, but a totally different problem. The first one I smoked out of the box seemed to be very green and unready to smoke…it kicked my butt with a nicotine hit I’ve never experienced before on a Brazilia and was quite harsh. I ended up putting the other two away, hoping some age would mellow out this smoke a bit. It’s been almost a year…guess it’s time to smoke the second out of the three!

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