The Cigar Nut

Size: 5 x 52 (Robusto)
Wrapper: Cameroon
Binder and Filler: Columbia and Nicaragua filler, Cameroon binder
Strength: Medium
Price: About $5.00 a single


Behind The Stick:

For some of us, the CAO brand has become more than just a brand that came up during the cigar ‘boom’ but more of a company that produces so many different cigars it is hard not to have at least a few in your humidor at all times. Personally I had heard of the LX2 but never the CX2 – Cameroon x’s 2 (wrapper and binder) – until I was lucky enough to get a package from Famous Smoke Shop, included in there were a pair of the CAO Cx2. Since I am a cameroon whore when I first heard about this stick I was ready to give it a shot. Once I was able to do a bit of research on the cigar, I noticed that the filler, although a bit unusual being Columbian and Nicaraguan tobacco, appears to be a nice combination with the cameroon wrapper. A big thank you goes out to Famous Smoke who was nice enough to provide me with todays cigar to review. Without further delay – onto the review!



Most of us have experienced it, the overly brittle nature of a quality cameroon wrapper and I’m sorry to say but the CAO CX2 falls into this category as well. Well made and evenly packed from head to foot, the cap was well placed and the overall light oils on the wrapper continued to entice me to light the cigar. My drawback, every single CAO CX2 I tried had an issue with the wrapper splitting, either at the foot or midway through. It could have happened due to my lack of restraint and not letting them rest long enough but ‘coincidences’ only happen so many times. One good thing, my fear from every cigar – removing the band. Even with the issues on the wrapper, the unique ‘open’ type of band not only shows off the beautiful wrapper but it also makes for easy removal. Kudos CAO.



I love the flavor profile that is presented by a cameroon leaf so keep that in mind. That being said, this cigar started off with a flavor much similar to the pre-light draw, sweet tobacco mixed with a slight bitterness (leather perhaps) and just a hint of spice. It took the cigar about an inch to warm up and really get into its groove, the flavors really starting to pop at this point. A light wood flavor crept into the mix, surprising me at the overall smoothness and balance of the transition – I was not expecting this from a dual wrap of Cameroon. Once we reached the mid way point the flavors seemed to dull down a bit, still enjoyable but it felt as if I had already hit the apex and was on my way down. Natural tobacco with just the slightest bit of sweetness, wood, spice and leather – the majority of the smoke held these flavors tight creating a very enjoyable and relaxing smoke.



Thank you again to Famous Smoke for sending me these great cigars! The CAO CX2 is not a cigar that should be tried by everyone, only because not everyone will appreciate the flavorful profile (although a bit linear) this cigar provides. I don’t know what it is about a nice, high quality cameroon wrapper but it always seems to fit the bill – and then CAO decided to release this CX2, doubling that effect! As I said before, I fall for cameroons big time so if you are in the same category as me, I think you should go grab a pair and enjoy – if your not one who goes after the sweeter, more leather, nut and spice, I’d keep looking around. This cigar is very good, but this is one of those cigars (like the ligero blends) that caters to a specific flavor profile, sure to be put into the top 10 of those who like the profile but maybe not revisited by someone who prefers a heavier, darker smoke. All in all, this may not become my go to cameroon but it will easily be a welcomed addition to my humidor. Don’t forget to check out the CAO CX2 cigar for yourself!

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  2. John

    The CAO CX2 was the cigar that statred my appreciation for the cameroon wrapper and for cigars in general. Nice flavor, good cigar.

  3. This appears to be a Famous exclusive now, which wasn’t always the case. I’ve always liked these.

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