CAO Italia Cuban Press

The Cigar Nut

Size: 4 7/8 x 50 (Cuban Press)
Wrapper: Honduran
Binder and Filler: Nicaragua, Honduras, Italy and Peru
Strength: Medium-Full to Full
Price: $60.00 for box sampler

Just A Taste

Continuing with the CAO Cuban Press Box Set, CAO has chosen to turn another one of their more famous blends, the Italia, into one of their newer shaped smokes, the Cuban Press. Following the same thoughts as the other sticks within this set, the company did not change the blend itself but rather only changed the way the cigar looks, changing their box press techniques to create these beauties. Lets see how it smokes!

Another fantastic smoke – Evenly packed from head to foot with only the slightest bit of give when squeezing the accompanying foot band. Zero issues with the band removal as well as no problems with the burn, all in all very good performance.

Right from the start this smoke pushes forward the natural tobacco mixed with a high dose of black pepper (almost overpowering at times) with a slightly sweet, undefinable undertone. There were a few changes throughout but nothing significant enough, more or less just different intensities of the flavors. The cigar was not boring it just didn’t bring a whole lot to the table. Not bad, but not great.

Out of the four this was one that just did not hit my flavor profile. I am sure others may enjoy this smoke, and I am glad I was able to give it a shot with the box set but if I were to see this in the shop… I’d keep moving on down the line. Give it a short for yourself and let me know your thoughts!

Every Cigar Has A Story, Every Smoke A Memory

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