CAO La Traviata

CAO La Traviata

Size: Intrepido (Churchill 7×50)
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano
Binder: Cameroon
Filler: Nicaraguan and Dominican
Strength: Medium to Full
Price: Just under $6.00 a piece

Behind the Stick:

This is a stick that was produced by the CAO company and as many have heard, they were wanting to create a new cigar – and like many other companies have felt the pull back to the Cuban roots. For those who are not familiar with the story of La Traviata I’ll try my best to keep it brief. The original brand began in the early 1900’s in Cuba and was resurrected by the CAO company as keeps in accordance with the original artwork from 1901-1904. Tim Ozgener, President of the company, reports this cigar was thought of after smoking numerous classic Cuban Cigars and that they were trying to recreate the smell, taste and look of the originals.

CAO La Traviata


Now I personally must say, when I look at this cigar and hold it I would not consider it to be mistaken for a Cuban, but I can say as far as cigars go – they are gorgeous. Very appealing, very oily shine and dark brown coloring mixed with medium veins and a perfect packing has caused me to think twice about making these my daily smokes – no joke. I always commend CAO on their cigars – not because they create WOW cigars but they create cigars I will spend my money on over and over again.


Right from the start, this cigar does nothing but perform. Medium body from the beginning with a strong background of mild leather and cedar which is followed by a nice mellow black pepper – especially on the retrohale. The second third carried a few more nut flavors and the smoke started to take on a more cream type feel. The last third carried on as the second, with the leather flavors slowly building till the end.

CAO La Traviata


As I have said before, this is not a WOW cigar, but like almost every other CAO I’ve ever had they have been very consistent and very well priced. I prefer the flavors that are offered in this stick and a price of around 6.00 a stick and a burn time of just under 2 hours – Honestly you can’t go wrong. A lot of people have hyped up this stick and at first I was along with a few who thought it was just a fad or a hiccup. I will be keeping a few of this around at all times and I suggest you do the same!

Every Cigar Has A Story, Every Smoke A Memory

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5 Thoughts to “CAO La Traviata”

  1. Well done sir, this is a top of ’09 for me.

  2. Mike - KnightRid

    Great review – I am looking forward to trying my first one (thanx to @cigarsthomas !!) after letting them rest a couple days in my humi due to traveling.

    I would still like to see an even less expensive cigar with this profile put out by CAO! Make a cigar that would run around $3 or less per stick in a box or bundle – now THAT would be a great everyday smoke (for us limited income people 😉 )


  3. Brian

    need to correct the size, its a 7×54, not 7×48.

    Great review!

  4. admin

    Thanks for pointing out I had the size wrong at 48 and I did correct it – but just so your on the same page as well its 7×50 – A 54 ring gauge would put it as fat as a Nub or Marco V, which this one is not. Thanks for catching that though!

  5. I think this review is spot on. It isn’t the best or most complex cigar CAO has, but it is by no means bad. For the price, you get what you are paying for.

    I too keep some of these on hand for a good, easy smoke.

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