CAO OSA Sol Lot 50

The Cigar Nut

Size: 5 x 50
Wrapper: Olancho San Agustin (Honduran)
Binder and Filler: Connecticut Broadleaf, Nicaraguan, Honduran
Strength: Medium
Price: ~ $6.00 usd

Behind The Stick:

Those who are not in the know – CAO has recently ( within the last year of this posting ) been acquired by General Cigar Company and although there may be mixed emotions, General has reported that they will do the best they can to keep the spirit of CAO alive and well and I have to admit, so far – so good. You may be wondering, like I did, what the OSA is for and it is actually for the wrapper, well the Olancha San Augstin region of Honduras where the wrapper is grown. The wrapper is also sungrown, adding to the ‘Sol’ in the title of this cigar. Onto the important parts – lets see how this cigar smokes!


Not going to lie, this is one good looking smoke. The paper bag brown colored wrapper does have a few splotchy colored spots, but rather than giving me something to worry about, it appears to be more of colors picked up during natural fermentation. Minimal veins, in a few samples I had to squint and examine the cigar just to see a few. Evenly packed throughout with a firm foot, a well placed cap and a slight shine from the tobacco oils – this is a cigar that screams to be smoked. Hell – even my pet peeve with band removal was completed without any issues. Alright General Cigars – you have my attention.


From the start the CAO OSA Sol gives you a healthy dose of earth and musk – the first thought I had when tasting this cigar was that it reminded me of the forest. The mud, wood, slightly damp smell that you might experience in the forest after a light rain – imagine that in a flavor and you’d be right about on target. There is a mild sweetness to the smoke as well, which assists in balancing out the bitter earth on the medium to long finish. This flavor profile pretty much holds solid until the 2nd half, which then rounded out earth, picked up some cedar and just a dash of pepper. Although not the most complex of cigars, the flavors were solid, definable and crisp.


You all know I am a fan of the old CAO, and yes – perhaps – it may just be a figment of our memories now, the name and ‘spirit’ has been kept alive through General Cigars. The name may be on a respirator still, but I think we just saw the big toe twitch a little. The CAO OSA Sol is a solid cigar – not an extremely complex or ‘wow’ cigar but just over the $5.00 price point this is the type of cigar I could see someone putting into there regular rotation. I am not one for the overly earthy or musky flavors but even I could see the beauty shining through the smoke – so to speak. If the flavor profile described is something you read and your eyes lit up, grabbing a couple goes without saying – but – if you read that and thought ‘well that doesn’t sound good at all’, don’t write it off the list just yet and at least give it the old college try! If you have had the pleasure of smoking one, please let me know your thoughts!

Every Cigar Has A Story, Every Smoke A Memory

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