CAO Sopranos – Associate

The Cigar Nut

Size: 5 x 52
Wrapper: Brazilian Maduro
Binder and Filler: Columbia, Nicaragua and Honduras
Strength: Medium – Full
Price: Around $8.00 a piece


Behind The Stick:

I’m sure that most if not all of us have at least heard of the famous show ‘The Sopranos’, an HBO produced tv-movie show that is dedicated to the life of a specific mafia family ‘The Sopranos’. The first time that I ever heard about this cigar I was at a local cigar shop in St. Louis called the Hill Cigar Co, and so appropriately dubbed – on the Hill which is the name of the Italian district in my town. It was the owner of the shop who actually pointed it out and even gave me a small discount because my knees got a little weak from the price but I guess Il denaro è nulla right?

Officially I was able to get a sampler pack from Corona Cigar Co which included all 4 sizes of this line, the Associate, Soldier, Boss and Tony Soprano special – the associate is the smallest of the bunch measuring in at 5 x 52, a little larger ring gauge than a normal robusto which if your a normal robusto smoker like myself, its a nice change to be within the comfort zone of ‘robusto’ yet having this seemingly more imposing cigar.

CAO Sopranos - Associate

Although these cigars are produced by a well known and respected company – CAO – there are those who still have not given these a shot, perhaps due to the price or the rarity or simply that they feel this is a ‘gimmick’ cigar which I will admit, at first I thought the same thing especially when I heard the buzz that the wrapper was ‘as dark as a hit-mans’ soul’ which sounds great but also gave me that cheesy feel about it. Even with the issues, CAO really went ahead and pulled this one off without a flaw.

The Cigar Nut


I know these are limited edition cigars and I also know they are being produced by CAO – so as much as I want to walk into this one unbiased it really is hard for me since I am expecting quite the delivery. This cigar is dark, there is no doubting this fact, and the oils do a nice job to give the wrapper an almost two tone appeal. These cigars are well packed with tobacco, almost to the point of over packing, from the evenness from head to foot as well as when inspecting the foot, its easy to tell they really worked to put a lot of leaves in there. For the most part the foot band and main band both removed without any issues, the main band on one looked as if the seeing eye dog had placed it since glue was obvious going from the band itself and down towards the foot about a half inch – were all allowed one or two issues haha.

CAO Sopranos - Associate


The beginning really reminded me of nuts and a caramel type flavoring, a mild amount of spice and a nice, but dry, smoke really kicked this off well. The cigar ran cool almost the entire way through and so it was a nice change to not get the initial bitter sensations and a near flawless burn. The flavor profile really did not change from one thing to another but rather the flavors that started the cigar remained throughout the full stick. Towards the end the caramel and spices from before really took the driver seat and finished very well, a slight tingle on my lips as well as a long finish really complimented the smoke.


Buy this cigar. Period. The price is a little high so yes, expect that, but if your looking for a great medium to full body smoke with great flavors and a good burn time then this is the one. I would not consider this to be a ‘wow’ cigar, but this is a cigar I would offer a few buddies to enjoy at a bar b q – a nice ‘unusual’ smoke with conversation starter written all over it. As well, with a name like CAO many will be able to relate this sticks quality and consistency with their other blends. I really wish there was more I could say, but sometimes short and sweet is the best – If you have not tried one, put this on the top of your ‘to try’ list.

CAO Sopranos - Associate

Every Cigar Has A Story, Every Smoke A Memory

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4 Thoughts to “CAO Sopranos – Associate”

  1. Tom

    I was just talking to a guy about this stick a minute ago at a cigar shop. We tried these a few years ago and although good, didn’t remember it being “GOOD.” Just all-right.

    After hearing multiple people, and now this review, giving it good marks, it may be time for me to re-visit this cigar.

  2. I love these sticks! Well I love the Tony Soprano size the best. I get a lot of leather taste when I smoke them and it is very consistent from start to finish. I would not call them WOW cigars but a damn good smoke for any occasion.

    I do think they are overpriced but with the fee for HBO and The Sopranos, I imagine that is why.


  3. CAOFanatic/Jerry Kontur

    This is one of my Favorite CAO sticks. I keep several in my humi. I’ve never had one let me down yet!

  4. Cao Sopranos Edition Associate…

    […] of spice and a nice, but dry, smoke really kicked this off well. The cigar ran […]…

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