CAO Sopranos – Boss

The Cigar Nut

Size: 7 x 56
Wrapper: Brazilian Maduro
Binder and Filler: Dominican, Columbian, & Nicaraguan
Strength: Medium – Full
Price: About $13.00 A Piece

CAO Sopranos - Boss

Behind The Stick:

This is the third out of four reviews of the CAO Sopranos line that I am doing, this one specifically being the Boss (play dramatic music). Please check out my review of the Associate and the Soldier for a bit more of a background behind the Sopranos line, the cigars themselves and perhaps you also can tell the subtle differences found within these beasts. One thing that I have really started to like with the Sopranos line is the larger ring gauge in relationship to the length – a normal robusto is not 5 x 50 but rather 5 x 52. Subtle difference but I think it adds that certain ‘something’ – a token not a demonstration. It also appears that each ‘step up’ grants you with a bit larger of a stick, the Associate at 5 x 52, the Soldier at 6 x 54 and now the Boss at 7 x 56. As with the Soldier, this blend is using Dominican, Columbian, & Nicaraguan tobacco for the binder and filler while retaining the dark Brazilian Maduro for a wrapper. Lets see if the Boss earns its name or just got the big promotion to ‘Boss’ due to its size!


I can’t believe it but this is another knock out of the park! This is just another reason why I like the CAO company so much, each cigar was nearly identical to the next. Yet again, this stick (even for its size) seems to have almost twice as much tobacco as another cigar of its size although the packing of the cigar does not seem to be overdone – if that makes sense. Their was just the slightest bit of give at the foot and maintained consistency throughout with no soft spots to be found. The wrapper which has been quoted as ‘dark as a hit-man’s soul’ covers this cigar with little to no veins and for some reason the three I tried were lacking the visible oils that the Associate and Soldier provided. Bonus for the Boss though, never once had any issue removing a band, no excess glue or issues sticking to the wrapper!

CAO Sopranos - Boss


The flavor profile really was very similar to the Soldier, beginning with a nice earth and tobacco base mixed with a slight sweet sensation that lasted for roughly the first third – I was not expecting much this third mainly due to the monstrous size and the need for the tobacco to warm up. The Boss did not have the huge flavor explosion that the Solider did, although the flavors did melt together smoothly as it progressed, keeping me very interested. A more in your face leather like bitterness started it off, changing very slowly to a more coffee flavor – it may sound like an odd combination but they pulled it off very well. By the midway point I noticed a nice little Coco flavor begin to pick up steam, mixing very well with already solid coffee flavor. The end, much similar to the Soldier, was just god awful. Although the flavors were not as well defined as its smaller counterpart, this one really had a great balance to it – kept me interested but never overwhelmed.


This was another great cigar produced by CAO and does add another cigar to their line up although I do feel the other sizes had a more complex flavor profile while this cigar contained more of an imposing and easily distinguishable smoke. Once the foot band had been removed, the black band on black wrapper accented by a minimal amount of red in conjunction with the larger ring gauge (as well as the high cost) made me sit back knowing I was the ‘big boy’ in the room, so if that is what your going after, this is your cigar. Personally, I digress to the flavor profile, which although very enjoyable, did not compete with the little brother the Soldier. Out of the line, I am glad I got these but at $13.00 a pop this is more of a ‘status symbol’ or celebration or unique occasion type cigar rather than a day to day – in my own eyes. I probably wont keep this as a regular addition in my humidor, although I will remember the good choice I once made.

CAO Sopranos - Boss

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