CAO Sopranos – Soldier

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Size: 6 x 54
Wrapper: Brazil
Binder and Filler: Columbia, Nicaragua and Dominican Republic
Strength: Full
Price: Just over $10.00 a stick

CAO Sopranos - Soldier

Behind The Stick:

This is number 2 in my attempt to review the full sampler of the Sopranos Edition cigars by the CAO company. Please check out the CAO Sopranos Associate for a little bit of the back story on this cigar, CAO and the Sopranos Tv show.

Basically, this is the next ‘step up’ from their 5 x 52 (the Soldier sitting at 6 x 54) and has been said to provide a bit more punch than its little brother. I did not feel that the Associate was that much mroe of a nicotine or flavor ‘punch’ although this cigar really did impress me. The main difference with these two is that while the associate uses a blend with Honduran tobacco in the filler/binder while the Soldier swapped that out with tobacco from the Dominican Republic – How much of a difference is that going to make?

CAO Sopranos - Soldier


Just like the Associate, the CAO Sopranos Soldier really was crafted by a master in their own rights. Evenly packed (again, to the point of almost being over-packed) this cigar boasts a super dark Brazilian wrapper filled with minimal veins and a mild amount of tooth making this beast almost as impressive as the Associate. Although this cigar does not appear to have quite the character its little brother had, even when just holding this miniature monster in your hand, it just feels like it belongs their. The head and foot band, adorned with a bold red and a black that almost matches the wrapper, gave the cigar a certain off-set that was very appealing and definitely made a lasting impression.


I did not expect one portion of a blend to entirely change the flavor profile of a cigar. Although full body, this cigar started off with a mild sweetness that quickly built into an earthy, tobacco flavor that really lingered through the first portion. I was expecting a little bit more of a kick, again since the Associate had impressed me so much – but the Solider had its own secrets hidden away. Once I had finished with the 1/3 of the smoke it dawned on me that I need to ash this beast, and once I did so the flavors this beauty had hidden inside decided to explod. Coco, coffee, mild leather – a great bitter/salty/savoriness combination decided to bombard my palate and did not leave for the rest of the smoke. The intensity of each flavor seemed to ebb from one to another as the cigar progressed – I must say, up to this point the cigar has been flawless.

CAO Sopranos - Soldier

Although the Solider held great throughout the majority of the stick, the last 1/5th to 1/6th was terrible, just simply god awful. Perhaps it was the tar buildup, perhaps I was smoking it too fast but none the less, a dark, syrupy type ‘burnt’ flavor at the end caused me to let this one take it’s own life, resting at the bottom of my ash tray.


I am thoroughly impressed with these Sopranos edition cigars and have been so happy that I was able to give them a try. This was one of the first ‘gimmick’ type cigars that I purchased and I wish that all the others delivered the same way that the Sopranos Soldier did. I liked the Associate, it was a great cigar but this Solider really just blew me away. Yes $10.00 a cigar I think this is a bit on the expensive side but for that once in a rare while, I think this cigar is worth the price tag. It is right at that threshold of where name, blend and delivery meet together at a happy, round number. If it was not for the price I would get a box, but I’ve already ordered another 5 pack.

CAO Sopranos - Soldier

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  1. I always look at these in one of my locals. (Being one of the few “hype” cigars we managed to get around here) They look so good, but I have a hard time justifying the $20 price tag.

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