CAO Sopranos – The Tony Soprano Edition

The Cigar Nut

Size: 6.5 x 60 (‘Super-Toro”)
Wrapper: Brazilian Mata Fina Maduro
Binder and Filler: Columbia, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and Honduras
Strength: Full
Price: Roughly $25.00 a piece

CAO Sopranos - Tony Soprano

Behind The Stick:

This is the final part of my 4 part review of the CAO Sopranos line – Starting with the baby the Associate, the bigger brother the Solider, the leader of the pack the Boss and now finally, the man himself, Tony Soprano. Please check back on my previous reviews to get a bit more of a recap on the CAO company and these cigars in specific. One thing that is very apparent throughout the entire series is that all the cigars appear to be a bit larger than the ‘standards’ of their sizes as well as each step up the line, the cigar adds a little more length and a large ring gauge – Not a bad gig in my opinion.


Yet again, CAO was able to pull off the construction on this one – near flawless. Evenly packed from head to foot with only the slightest bit of give at the end. I am still amazed at how much mass these cigars contain, this thing has got to be half a pound of tobacco – solid. The Brazilian Mata Fina wrapper contained a few more veins than the smaller counterparts but perhaps that was due to the giant leaf required to even cover these. I really can not speak any higher about how well they maintained their consistency and construction throughout. One thing I did like is that the Tony Soprano ltd ended up having three bands rather than the two, the bottom band being black, middle red band with Tony’s signature and lastly the CAO logo band found on the smaller ‘brothers’.


The flavors on this monster really started out just as slow as I had expected due to the larger ring gauge and the length – it needed time to warm up. Higher binder/filler to wrapper ratio also made this cigar taste much different from its smaller counterparts – not that it was bad but you must really enjoy the combination of these different tobaccos more than the wrapper. Sure the overall sweetness did seep through but the earth and spice really are what pulled me in, very bold and in your face once I was within the first inch of the cigar making this a very promising start. Shortly after that, a nice leather note came in and remained for the majority of the smoke – Man I liked the start of this cigar.

The problem is, that is where Tony decided to sit back and stopped just shy of getting that ‘wow’ status – the original ‘in your face’ type flavor really subdued and left the palate with a more ashy and salty flavor with minimal spice. Once the cigar was beyond what I would consider the sweet spot, I started to notice a flavor that although smoking two, I just could not pin down. As with the Boss, near the end this cigar had such a build up of tar it started to taste similar to sap or a syrup – not good. Now mind you, this cigar lasted me over 3 hours, and the first 2 to 2 1/2 hours were awesome so it could be me getting burnt out or just the build up from such a large cigar.


The big bad Tony Soprano, unfortunately, did not live up to the hype in my opinion. I started with the Associate and worked my way up, each cigar seemingly getting a little bit better each time I moved up. By the time I actually got to the monster Tony Soprano Ltd I really was expecting this one to be the ‘wow cigar’ out of the line. The dominating size, the name, the packaging, the price, the hype – all things that made me think ‘holy shit this is going to be simply amazing!’ but the delivery really made me reevaluate the whole line. I see the differences within the blends and to some degree I was able to pick up on the changes within each ‘step up’. Although it was good, on the 2nd one I had, I still had over an inch left when I threw it out the window if that gives you any idea of my thoughts.

Final decision – If your going to try the CAO Sopranos line go with the Associate or the Solider unless your looking for another ‘status’ piece similar to the Boss. The cigar lasted near three hours so this is not for the timid or those who are in a rush – My opinion, save your $25.00 on a single and buy a pair of the smaller size.

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4 Thoughts to “CAO Sopranos – The Tony Soprano Edition”

  1. I was waiting for this one 🙂

    I absolutely love these things. I also wish there was a “wow” part, but a rich leather taste throughout for me AND over 3 hours smoking time, it is a winner in my book.

    Is it worth $25 – hell no – buy them on sale or in sampler packs to save a ton of dough!

    I actually like this size the best.

    I love how cigar smokers have different tastes and flavors! I think this is what keeps the cigar industry moving forward and has something to please everyone!

    Thanx for the whole line review, I really enjoyed reading them all.


  2. Matt C.

    $25 for one??? Good lord, I thought only Davidoff and Padron put that price on their cigars. Thanks for the review.

  3. admin

    yea, i do agree $25 is a huge price for a single cigar, even if it is ‘super premium’ or ‘ultra rare’ – good smoke but try to get it at a reduced price haha!

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