Carlos Torano Exodus 50 years

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Size: 5 x 50 Robusto
Wrapper: Brazilian Arapiraca Sun-Grown
Binder and Filler: Honduran and Nicaraguan
Strength: Full
Price: Just over $7.00 a stick

Carlos Torano 50 year

To start this one off, Jacob Krell saved my rear – I was more worried about reviewing the cigars I had rather than taking pictures of them for the site. All the pictures of the Carlos Torano Exodus 50 years on this post were done by Jacob Krell. Thanks again buddy.

Behind The Stick:

For some of the readers the years leading up to 2010 has been quite a build up, one that most if not all Americans can read about in history books but will never actually be able to relate to. These days marked over 50 years that Fidel Castro had taken over Cuba and caused some of the biggest issues for the people who were born and raised on the country. Since the beginning of his political career many tobacco families began the exodus from Cuba to other countries in order to continue their lively hood, their passion – Cigars.

One of the families that were able to make their way out to Cuba was the Torano family who was able to open two factories outside of Cuba, Esteli, Nicaragua and Danli, Honduras where they were able, and encouraged, to enhance their gift and perfect their skills working with tobacco outside of their homes in Cuba. These factories produce some of the more highly acclaimed cigars in the world some even surpassing their Cuban counterparts with flying colors. This specific cigar has been toted my many, as well as the creator, as one of the finest Torano blends ever produced – lets see if it lives up to the hype.


Beautiful – That is just about the only way I can describe this stick. From head to foot it looks as if the dark, slightly oily wrapper was made to go on these cigars. Perfectly placed triple cap tops off the stick while a clean cut on the foot begs to be lit. I did notice a few burn issues along the way but nothing that made me toss the stick to the ground.

Carlos Torano Exodus 50 year


The flavor profile was good, but I can’t quite say that it is one of my favorites. I will say though, the flavors are very well balanced but they still didn’t seem to jump out at me. Semi sweet flavors reminding me of caramel or dark chocolate are the prominent notes but mild saltiness and a bit of bitter was not far behind. The finish was long and distinct, leather and a dirty, earth type flavor but in the final portions of this cigar it really began to shine.

Carlos Torano


The Carlos Toraño Exodus 1959 50 Years has proven to be a triumph 5 decades in the making and a cigar proudly offered as the finest Toraño ever created. I have to say, this is a good cigar but it isn’t a ‘great’ cigar. I wish I could dress it up more and build some sort of a catchy line to get you to buy it, but I just can’t create one for you all. I would love to keep a few of these on the shelf to age or even as a once in a while treat but has not reached the go to cigar status yet, for me at least.

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