Carlos Torano Noventa 90

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I smoked all of them before I did review, forgot to take pictures – my bad – stock photos used!

Size: 6 x 52 (Toro)
Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano
Binder and Filler: Nicaraguan Habano (Condega, Esteli, Jalapa, Pueblo Nuevo)
Strength: Medium to Medium – Full
Price: About $11.00 a pop

Behind The Smoke:

This is just one of the many smokes that Jacob was kind enough to bless me with shortly after his trip to New Orleans for the IPCPR convention – I was only able to smoke a single so this is only a first impression, I plan on revisiting this smoke later down the road to get a better idea of consistency. The Carlos Torano Noventa 90 was created to celebrate the 90 years of expertise within the cigar industry, flexing their muscles with this Nicaraguan puro. From what I have been able to locate on this blend, the Noventa is the fruition from the extensive knowledge the Torano family has learned over the past 90 years. The company boasts that they had to use filler from every major region in Nicaragua just to piece this masterpiece together. Lets see how this beast performs!


I have not had the luxury of smoking a lot of the Carlos Torano line, but I must explain that if the construction of this cigar is indicative of the line, I must go out and find more! Even though this is a bit larger of a smoke, it was evenly packed from head to foot with just the right amount of give. The dark wrapper, oily with a slight shine appeared to have little to no veins, was marred by a few slight blemishes but nothing that even made me think twice about its performance. As always, my pet peeve has to show up – it looked like the band had been applied by a drooling dog, excess glue carried over to the wrapper and even beyond the band – I didn’t even try to remove it.


A typical bold, spicy Nicaraguan flavor was amazingly void when I first started this smoke. On the contrary, the Carlos Torano Noventa 90 began very smooth creating a more creamy type smoke much more similar to a medium body than full. A great natural tobacco flavor imbued with wood and light spices pretty much carried the smoke to the middle portion – not overly complex but very well balanced and very relaxing. Perhaps my palate was not fully awake or maybe the complexity they are striving for is much more subdued but I noticed a few spices similar to cinnamon and pepper although neither remained for very long – as well sweet notes similar to citrus or vanilla came through – again, not remaining long. Towards the end, it could have been a build up of the tar or whatever reason, this smoke turned dark. Mind you, not bitter or unpleasant but dark. I was very used to the profile which I would have considered on the higher end of the medium range to the lower end of the full range – but when I got down to the last inch – holy shit did I think I was smoking a full body smoke dipped in tar.


I liked this smoke – I didn’t love it and I didn’t loathe it – I just liked it. The delivery itself was very good, well balanced with a very pleasurable although the price point (nearly $11.00 usd) would have me double guessing my decision. I would recommend going out and picking up a pair, check them out and see what you think but for myself, this just was not a knock out of the park. As I said before I was only able to smoke a single, so I will be sure to pick up a few more and give them another chance and see if my perception changes. I wish I could go further in depth – but as my grandpa said ‘Why say blah blah when you can just say blah’.

Every Cigar Has A Story, Every Smoke A Memory

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  1. Kyle

    I’ll have to try these. Torano is one of my favorite brands. Haven’t found one I didn’t like! I’ll keep my eyes peeled for this one!

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