Casa Fernandez Nicaragua – CRA

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Size: I forgot to measure this one! Sorry!
Wrapper: Cuban Corojo Seed Nicaragua
Binder and Filler: Nicaraguan
Strength: Medium To Full
Price: Found in CRA Sampler #1 for $90.00 (other cigars included also)

Casa Fernandez

As many of us in the cigar world are familiar with the organization CRA – Cigar Rights of America, I felt almost obligated to purchase the cigar sampler (aside from the fact of all the awesome and hard to find sticks!) and help the organization that has already helped out so many cigar smokers. This cigar in specific is the Casa Fernandez Nicaragua and I must say I really am starting to enjoy these Corojo wrappers, very complex and full of flavor – but I’ll get to that point later. I lucked out with this cigar simply because some of the cigars in the CRA pack are a CRA release only blend where as this cigar is their normal line with a CRA band attached so they can still be found in some local shops, good thing if you like these cigar!

Taken from the CRA website

“With a 100% Cuban Corojo Seed from specific farms in the Jalapa Valley and Esteli, Tobacalera Tropical President Paul Palmer pointed to the Café Rosado leaf and tobacco from Aganorsa as attributes of this cigar, which has a medium to full-bodied strength”

Casa Fernandez


This is one of the best made cigars from this line that I have seen, not that any of them are particularly bad Perhaps they used a better/different wrapper for the CRA edition or perhaps I just lucked out and got a flawlessly made cigar but that is exactly what it is. Evenly packed from head to foot with a very clean cut which is accentuated by the dark reddish-brown color of the wrapper. Very minimal veins and a soft feeling to the wrapper almost caused me to salivate in anticipation.


As many of you know I personally am not a fan of sweets or sweet tasting cigars but this cigar provides just enough sweetness to draw me in but not so much that I thought I was smoking a candy bar. A mild flavor of nuts and leather lead the foreground with a slight spice that would come and go – the interesting part to me was the caramel like sweetness that kept its place throughout the entire stick but would change with intensity.

The second and last third wrapped up the cigar with the same delightful combination of sweet and bitter, mild saltiness and just a perfect dash of spice. Leather, mild nut and caramel with an unknown spicy ‘kick’ made this a great cigar to enjoy after a good meal and the complexity has sparked enough of a place in my mind to have me look for them next trip to the B&M.

Casa Fernandez


This is a stick that I was able to try due to the CRA sampler – I can honestly say that although the band looks nice, It was not a stick that I would have seen across the room or heard someone say the name and feel a direct need to purchase one. After I was able to open my eyes to this great Nicaraguan blend I don’t think that I am going to go without having at least a single resting in my humidor.

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