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Blind Review #4 – What is it?!

March 4, 2012 // 0 Comments

4th blind review – this is the last installment we have right now, if this is something you all like and want us to continue just leave a comment and let me know! I really enjoyed this and hopefully you all did too. Enough of that – what the hell was this!? I will say tho – not a single person guessed it correctly, Brian, Eric and myself included…

Blind Review #4

March 1, 2012 // 16 Comments

Blind Review #4 Brian Appearance and construction: A very large stick, 6×60 it appears, medium colored wrapper with a nice oily feel to it (the celo has some nice yellowing too it as well). The ash is a great whitish grey. Draw is perfect and produces plenty of smoke. Flavors: Pre-draw brings wonderful sweet cocoa flavors. The first draw brings a spicy kick, but also sweet cocoa, vanilla, and slight fruit notes. The spice starts […]

Blind Review #3 – What was it?!

February 12, 2012 // 0 Comments

Damn – I can’t believe we are already on the 3rd blind review! Thank you again to everyone who has been participating in the first two, but enough of that thanking the readers crap, you all want to know what the hell the 3rd blind review cigar actually is. Surprisingly enough, no one – including Brian, Eric and myself – was able to guess the correct cigar!

Blind Review #3

February 9, 2012 // 6 Comments

Blind Review #3 Brian Appearance and construction: Light brown mottled stick, kind of inconsistent. It feels like a rock, but the draw is good. The burn is a little inconsistent, one side is having minor burn issues from what appears to be an over bunched area, nothing a little touch-up can’t fix though! Flavors: Pre-draw has strong coffee, vanilla, and raisin flavors. Lighting it I get very prominent coffee notes with some hazelnut undertones. As […]

Blind Review #2

January 27, 2012 // 8 Comments

Blind Review #2 Eric CIGAR #2: Very dark, rough wrapper – maybe Brazilian Mata Fina – 6 inches x 7/8 inches diameter – very oily – decent construction – 1 large vein – absolutely a maduro – very leathery smell – firmly packed – foot has leather & dark cherry smell – 1 inch in the burn is pretty crooked – dirty grey ash w/ brown tint – dark cherry & chocolate flavours – has […]

Blind Review #1 – What was it!?

January 15, 2012 // 4 Comments

I’m sure you all have been trying to figure out what cigar the three of us had in the first blind review at The Cigar Nut. I can see by the comments that almost everyone was right on target! A couple of you started making me nervous, I think we might have to step up the mystery behind the next couple blind reviews! But – the important part first – The first blind review cigar […]

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