Cigar News : Bali Moving Towards Stricter Control Of Ant-Smoking Regulations

During the 45th Union World Conference on Lung and Health held in Barcelona, Spain – Ida Bagus Rai Dharmawijaya Mantra the Mayor of Denpasa, Bali’s Capital city, was quoted saying “The goal is, in the future, people can no longer smoke mindlessly, even in an open space or protocol streets. They can only smoke in the provided smoking corners.” While the strict anti-smoking campaign had been passed into law in 2013 to say that the laws were loosely enforced would be an understatement. The City Government has adamently expressed their desire to focus on a more socially focused campaign to bring awareness to citizens and tourists alike.

This includes changing current hypocritical standards by preventing renewals of currently existing advertising campaigns on electronic billboards, a method that was outlawed in the 2013 law passage. The most concerning of this change for some local organizations – music and sports events will now be under a higher level of scrutiny or completely outlawed all together.


While the laws themselves will have been ‘on the books’ for over a year, Mantra finished her comments with “We’re now preparing all the necessary signage to inform [people] about the smoking prohibition and the fine. After six months to one year we will begin stricter law enforcement, because if you enforce the regulation without introducing it first, people will complain.”

While there are some countries that truly do pose a threat and concern to our hobby and way of life – it does not appear that Bali will be on the front lines any time soon. Pamphlets and literature will permeate the island while actual fines and punishments may not be.

Earlier this year Bali had made International headlines by closing down the Inter-Tabac Asia Confernece in 2014 with the message that the pro tobacco message was in direct violation of the Islands smoking laws.

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