Cigar Legislation 

Cigar Legislation: Czech Government Bans Smoking In Restaurants, Bars and Cafe’s

Following many countries, the Czech Government has officially approved a ban on smoking in restaurants, bars and cafes. While the ban has been all encompassing the government has specifically added verbage to include electronic cigarettes and vaporizers. This ban also includes the prohibited sale of cigarettes in hospitals and schools.

While this may not seem like very important news for those of us in America who have had these regulations for years – even when considering the leniency of Europe as a whole, the Czech’s have been extremely tolerant and almost inviting to allowing restaurant owners the option of being smoke free or not.

A funny inclusion to this bill is also a regulation that requires businesses selling alcohol to offer at least one drink cheaper than the cheapest alcoholic beverage of the same amount.

The bill has passed unanimously on Wednesday but still requires the final approval from both the chambers of Parliament and the President Milos Zeman – who happens to be a known chain smoker themselves.

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