Cigar Legislation: Japan Tobacco International Joins Trio in Lawsuit Against UK Government

In a story recently covered by The Cigar Nut, it became apparent that Philip Morris International and British American Tobacco were filing suits against the UK Government for infringement on and suppressing trademarks. Under the new law only plain brown packaging can be used in conjunction with a standardized “drab” grey text to be utilized.

“The government cannot deprive people of their property without compensation,” said Marc Firestone, Phillip Morris International explained, “I’m optimistic [we will succeed] because I believe the systems of laws and common sense and consumer choice still mean a great amount.”

This has not been unexpected – these discussions started in March when Hugh Roberts a strategic partner of Design Bridge, started the argument that Big Tobacco should fight against this plain packaging initiatives.

“Design makes the world a better place,” he commented. “Amongst other things, it helps us make the right choices. So, it seems obvious that by stripping design away from tobacco packaging we are helping consumers to make the right choice; 
the choice to give up smoking or to 
never start.

“But perhaps, by signing up to plain packaging, we are doing something that is even more dangerous to 
society than smoking. We are reducing the freedom of consumers to make their own decisions. We are reducing the ability of people to be individual. 
We are forgetting that consumers are not rational beings, that sometimes we want to make an emotional choice. A choice that is irrational, selfish, stupid – but still makes us happy.

“Plain packaging feels like an 
entirely rational thing to do, but consumers are not robots and we should fight against it.”

Please feel free to check out the original article Cigar Legislation: Britain Being Sued By Tobacco Giants

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