Cigar Legislation 

Cigar Legislation: Newark, NJ Expands Smoking Bans

Yesterday Newark, New Jersey mayor Ras Baraka signed a new ordinance banning smoking in all city parks, recreational facilities (including senior centers), and city owned vehicles.  Mayor Baraka says that this ban is to protect children from smoking stating:

“Our young people are victimized by this…even though they don’t smoke.”  

The new law also increased the smoking distance from these places from 25ft to 50ft.  The ordinance also includes vapor devices and hookah.  Newark, NJ has a high crime rate and was named the 6th most dangerous U.S. city in 2013.  Political corruption also seems to be rampant in Newark with five of the last seven mayors being indicted on criminal charges.  This new ordinance brings more affirmation to our stance that cigar enthusiasts need to know their elected officials agendas and vote appropriately!




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