Cigar News: AAFP Pushes For Tobacco Sales Ban On Military Bases

The AAFP (American Academy of Family Physicians) recently signed on to a letter along with over 24 other health organizations urging Congress to stop the sale of tobacco on military installations.  The letter, like most anti-tobacco propaganda, hides behind the underage smoking premise.  This letter also comes on the tails of another request to urge the sale of tobacco to be stopped on Naval ships at sea as well.  The letter points out that smoking among those serving is at a higher rate than civilians, although they fail to address that the stress levels and work place danger is also higher than that of the average citizen, yet instead state that ease of access and lower prices on base are the causes.


We at The Cigar Nut support our military men and women and their rights.  Two of our own here at The Cigar Nut are veterans so we take great pride in supporting our nations Defenders past and present ! On this day which we thank and remember all those who have served we will be exercising our rights and lighting up a cigar in your honor!  You all have earned your rights and are entitled to take advantage of lower prices.

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