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Cigars In The News : Bill Clinton – Top Shelf Cigar Connoisseur

Recently reported by Fox News Kaizad Hansotia of Gurkha Cigars has confirmed that former President Bill Clinton is a client – and one of fine taste.

While the details of his cigar dealings have been controversial, Former President Bill Clinton is no slouch when it comes to fine cigars. Gurkha produces some of the most expensive cigars in the world, a box of His Majesty’s Reserve retails for $25,000 while reports indicate that price will be going up in the near future, to $30,000. At a price of this level it is no wonder that Royalty, Business Leaders, Actors and Sports Players are among the names on the 3 year waiting list for a single box.

While it appears that Bill Clinton’s personal favorites go for nearly $600 a single, The Beauties – there are no reports as to how often he smokes these high dollar luxury items. While the price is not always a determining factor of how a cigar will perform or how well it will taste, I guess we all have to sit back and wonder what a $1000 cigar really takes like…

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