Cigar News : First “Smoking” Commerical On British TV In Nearly 50 Years!

While the whole world seems to be wrapped up in anti-smoking campaigns and attempting to regulate, tax or remove the right to enjoy tobacco – with recent regulation changes have opened the door to a similar, yet completely different market. An ad – ran by a company called VIP – will air on ITV1 shortly at 9PM that will show a female exhaling vapor to promote not only their e-cigarette line but also their e-liquids. Dave Levin, VIP’s Co-founder stated “Vaping has never been shown on a TV advert in the UK before, so this is a first for the country and I’m sure it will be a real conversation starter!”

Started in 1965, The UK banned all advertisements of cigarettes regardless of content while now the laws have been loosened up yet still hold a number of restrictions. Cigars were not banned from public British TV until 1991. These restrictions include prevention of ads that would be targeted to anyone under 18, depicting anyone under the age of 25, banning the encouragement of any non-smokers to start using an e-cig and most importantly – they are unable to depict the device or the device in the act of being smoked.

While the debate of the benefits and harms of e-cigs are likely to never cease – it is interesting to note that the World Health Organization has called for the ban of indoor use and fruity flavors that may be targeted to youths yet does not indemnify the use of the products themselves, stating that they have been effective at assisting cigarette smokers to quit.

VIP will run the ad in both 10 and 20 second variations for the next 5 weeks. These ads, being played later in the evening, will directly cooperate with the new regulations to ensure the target audience is reached accurately. While VIP is the very first company to produce and market an ad – with these new regulations it will not be shocking to see an entirely new wave of E-cigarette marketing hitting

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