Cigar Press Release : Drew Estate Announces New Website and #DEipcpr

The Cigar Nut

Drew Estate Launches New Website

Redesigned, with fresh new content published twice per week


Tired of our old, clunky Flash site? We know many of you were, mainly because you told us you were tired of it! We listened, and totally rebuilt the site from the ground up.
Click here to visit the new site!

No more Flash! The new site is fast, easy to use (at least we think so) and, best of all, we will be publishing new content twice per week! This new content will include videos, articles, interviews, pairings, news, and much, much more.

What kind of content are you interested in seeing? Respond to this email with your ideas! We built this site for you, our fans, and we want you to like it enough to come back to it frequently. Also, if you find any mistakes or errors, let us know.

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