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Cigar Review: 1502 Emerald

1502 is a cigar brand under the umbrella of Nicaraguan based company Global Premium Cigars(GPC).  1502 and GPC is owned by Enrique Sanchez who is proud of his Nicaraguan heritage, hence 1502, the year Columbus discovered Nicaragua.  1502 currently has 4 lines, the Emerald, Ruby, Black Gold, and 1502 Nicaragua.  These cigars get their names from the finest of goods that were traded and considered items of high value, and still are today. Each line is distinctly different and brings a uniquely enjoyable experience.  1502 also has two brick and mortar shops that are designated as 1502 lounges, Red Arrow in Kalamazoo, Michigan and D&S in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  These lounges are the only retailers where the Perfecto vitola can be purchased.  I have shopped at Red Arrow and can tell you that the 1502 selection is altogether amazing.  The 1502 brand is currently distributed by House of Emilio, boutique brand giant.  Today I am taking a look at the 1502 Emerald in the Toro size.

Vitolas: The Emerald is available in the following vitolas, a 6×50 Toro, a 6 1/2×52 Torpedo, a 6 1/8×52 Perfecto(1502 lounges only), a 6×56 Conquistador, a 7×40 Lancero, and a 5 1/8×42 Corona.

The 1502 Emerald
The 1502 Emerald

Blend: The exact blend of the Emerald is no released, only that the cigar features a Nicaraguan Corojo Habano and San Andres filler from Mexico.  According to 1502’s website there is tobacco from both Condega and Estili in Nicaragua.  

Appearance:  The Emerald from 1502 has a rich hued wrapper with reddish brown coloring.  The cigar is box pressed but not too sharply.  The cap is almost flat and well constructed.  The foot of the cigar is almost closed as there is some overlap of the wrapper, meaning that the first few puffs will give a nice feel for the flavor of the wrapper.  The band for the Emerald is as expected, green.  The band is accented in gold with 1502 at the top and Emerald at the bottom, the 1502 logo is centered in the band.

Pre-Light: On the pre-light of the 1502 Emerald I notice a lovely note of rich tobacco from the wrapper.  As I move to the foot of the cigar the cedar notes are heavy and sweet.  The cold draw is cedar rich and very easy.

1st Third:  The Emerald opens up with a very mild spice but that quickly fades into a caramel sweetness.  The spice lingers a bit on the lips, but not in a bad way.  As I move into the first third some more I find the cigar quickly begins a transition and starts to have coffee flavors on the profile.  I first notice the coffee through the retrohale.

1502 Emerald 1st Third
1502 Emerald 1st Third

2nd Third:  The second third of the Emerald continues with more coffee notes although there is more spice present.  The spice is a black pepper that hits the back of the palate.  Through the progression of the second third the cigar becomes a bit more earthy and the sweetness is almost bittersweet.

Finishing up the second third


Last Third: As I creep into the final third of the Emerald Toro I notice the cigar developing some creamy notes and the coffee is starting to dissipate.   The cigar picks up in strength but never crests that full mark.  As the cigar finishes there are notes of nuts that mix well with the creamy and spicy notes.

Construction: The Emerald seemed to be very well constructed, as I find most cigars coming from the Placencia factory to be.  There were no issues while smoking, the draw was perfect, and the ash held in about one inch segments and fell naturally.

Burn:  At first the burn on the Emerald was a bit wavey but was nothing that ever needed to be touched up.  By the middle of the first third the burn was spot on and going well.  The cigar never burned hot, and never became bitter as I reached the end.

The finish


Final Assessment:  After finishing up the Emerald I really wished I had the time to smoke another one.  This was a great cigar that was smooth enough to smoke all day and had good complexities that kept me on my toes.  The strength was a solid medium although started at the lower end of the scale.  This is a cigar that will please any smoker looking for a complex cigar that is full of flavor.  I cannot wait until I smoke another one!

-Brandon K.


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