Cigar Review : Alec Bradley American Sungrown

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Size: 5 x 50 ( Robusto )
Wrapper: Nicaraguan Sun-Grown Habano
Binder and Filler: Nicaraguan
Strength: Medium to Full
Price: $61.99 for a box of 20 at
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Alec Bradley Sun Grown Band

Behind The Stick:
A common occurance in the tobacco industry, with one extremely sucessful addition comes theattempt to create a more flavorful or unique experience, cut the price down and ultimatley moresucessful “sequel”. I hate to be the berrer of bad news, but not always do these attempts turninto the dreams they thought. Luckily enough for us though, Alec Bradley fell into this story bythe sucesss of the American Classic Blend and decided to utilize the core blend yet switched itup by replacing the wrapper with a Nicaraguan sun-grown habano leaf that has been said to makethis a richer, spicier and more flavorful variation to the American Classic. Originally releasedaroud the 4th of July 2012, this American Sun-grown by Alec Bradley was a cigar I just had totry.

Alec Bradley has been known for years to be producing cigars that are virtually mirror images ofone another, but then again when your producing almost 3 million a year I am sure there is acookie cutter aspect to the process. While this cigar is evenly packed from head to foot it wasa little firm for my liking – not that it wouldn’t burn properly or that there was ahumidification issue – just felt extremely solid. The head clipped without issue and the footlit up with minimal effort. All in all – so far so good.

One thing that I like about Alec Bradley cigars that others may not, is that the startup anddelivery is a slow yet methodical progression and the American Sun-grown is no different. Mildyet pronounced – the spice dominates the start of this cigar with a soft sweet tobaccoundertone. Right around the half way point this cigar started to produce the classic leather,cedar and nut combination but this was slow moving to say the least. The end of this cigarrolled into a more leather and espresso combination, the pepper notes only really noticable onthe retrohale. One note to this – the American Sun-grown has one of the longest finishes I canremember in quite a while.


Whenever I go to a B&M it is not often that I look at, yet alone forward towards picking up anAlec Bradley cigar. Not because of any issues I have ever had or any real ‘reason’, I justalways ended up going into the store on a mission for a specific item and noticed the name, hada few here or there but never went looking through their portfolio. I have to admit – I havebeen missing out on a great set of cigars and when your talking about a little over $3.00 at BuyDiscount you can get a box for a little over 60 dollar. Even if the price was notthrown in I would recommend these as a single or pair to try but at the price… a box ischeaper than some 5 packs. If you have tried the American Sun-grown let me know what youthought!

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  1. Swede214

    David, I really enjoy the American Sun Grow, have smoked few. Mild,but has a good taste. You did good on the review.

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