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Cigar Review : Alec Bradley Cigars American Classic Blend

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Size: 6 x 50
Wrapper: Honduran Connecticut Shade
Binder and Filler: Jalapa, Esteli, and Condega
Strength: Mild
Price: ~ $4.00

Behind The Stick:

Alec Bradley is a company that has not only been around since 1996 but that has more of that ‘family’ feel to it than more of the ‘family’ companies that are on the block. Originally started at the end of the cigar boom, Alec Bradley is named after Alan Rubins children and while the modest start of flavored cigars and golf course targets began their adventure, AB is currently experiencing almost 3 Million cigars sold annually.

For those who are questions “American Classic” when none of the tobacco used is actually from America – the term is generally used as a way to describe a Connecticut shade wrapper. While some more veteran smokers will scoff or look down at a Connecticut shade wrapper, they have been extremely profitable and popular over the years and only recently have other countries started raising this coveted leaf. A golden brown leaf with a semi-leathery, semi-velvety feeling wrapper that still appears delicate yet has the resilience to be paired with an un-coordinated morning coffee.



Evenly packed from head to foot, the delicate golden brown wrapper clung to the cigar and offered light scents of hay and wood but still maintained that soft spoken ‘feel’. The cap is placed well and clipped without issue while lighting this cigar fell right into place as well, lighting easily and evenly without much attention. All in all – so far a great way to start out the morning.


Most of the time when you look at a cigar you attempt to imagine the flavors that will come out of it – especially when it comes to a Connecticut shade – for me my first thoughts are hay, wood and ‘light’, almost muted flavors. Well – the Alec Bradley American Classic Blend does everything in their power to sway that preconceived mis-notion. From the get go, this mild cigar produces flavors that I thought were only available in medium to full body smokes – semi-bitter notes of coffee and chocolate balanced out with a cedar and nut overtone all while this ‘sweet’ note is ever present. The end of this cigars life may be a bit more on the bitter side than most may prefer but like a good Scotch – it is an acquired taste that you learn to love.


Without a doubt this is a cigar I want to get more of! I am not normally a mild body smoker – excellent for that morning cup of coffee but not always giving enough ‘oomph’ for an after lunch or dinner cigar. Well – Alec Bradley decided to switch things up again and in my opinion, they nailed it on the head. While not the most complex of cigars out there, the chocolate, leather and espresso flavors were so rich and flavorful it was hard not to take an extra puff or two, just to savor the flavor. If you have not tried them yet, I highly recommend a 5 pack or a box!

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