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Cigar Review: Crowned Heads Yellow Rose of Texas

Texas is a state rich in history and heritage.  We are proud of where we came from and what we stand for.  As many know we are a state that used to be our own country, we won our independence in 1836 and legend has it that we have the Yellow Rose of Texas to thank for that.  Our independence was won at the battle of San Jacinto where Texan forces attacked the Mexican army while their leader, Gen. Santa Ana, literally was caught with his pants down.  The story goes that he was seduced by Emily Morgan, a mixed race woman whom he had captured during his raids on Texas homesteads.  Due to Ms. Morgan being of mixed race, common in the south at that time, she was considered to be “high yellow.”  That was a term at the time for the light skinned mixed race persons.  Her seduction allowed the Texans to defeat the Mexican army and the rest is history, so in Texas we celebrate our “Yellow Rose,” Emily Morgan.  Crowned Heads has recently decided to launch a cigar just for the state using the name Yellow Rose.  This release is following the other releases that were for two other states, the Paniolo Especial for Hawaii and the Tennessee Waltz for Tennessee.  The blends of all three cigars are the same, only the vitolas have been changed to create an exclusive for each state.  I proudly smoked the Yellow Rose and felt it my duty as a Texan.

yellow rose

Vitolas: The Yellow Rose is only available in a single vitola, a 6 1/4×54 box pressed torpedo.  The Tennessee Waltz was a 5 1/2×52 and the Paniolo Especial is a 5 5/8×46.

Blend:  Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Appearance:  The Yellow Rose is a beautiful cigar that features a dark and oily wrapper that is very smooth.  The cigar is box pressed but not sharply, the torpedo cap is nicely constructed.  The cigar feels very well packed and seems to have no visible construction flaws.  The cigar has no band but does have a very fitting yellow ribbon at the foot.

yellow rose 1

Pre-Light:  On my standard pre-light inspection I get a rich earth note from the wrapper on the nose with cedar and leather at the foot.  After a quick clip of the cap the cold draw reveals some spicy cinnamon notes.

1st Third:  After lighting the Yellow Rose I am met with a small blast of pepper.  The pepper settles nicely but never goes away.  As i start to move through the first third I am met with a mesquite wood like flavor that reminds me some of a South Texas BBQ.  Latter in the first third a soft hint of vanilla shows its head and is a very pleasant addition to the profile.

yellow rose 3

2nd Third:  As the second third of the Yellow Rose begins the profile turns to coffee and earth notes.  Throughout the second third I also pick up a cocoa note that moves here and there, I believe that with time the earth will become that cocoa.  Exiting the second third there is some leather in the mix, although it is not a strong player in the overall profile.

Last Third:  In the last third of the Yellow Rose I am still getting a lot of coffee notes as well as spice.  This cigar is pretty spicy throughout, especially on the retrohale.  Toward the end of the cigar there is a faint caramel note that comes into play and the retrohale shows some wood notes.  The caramel note was very good but only teased my palate.

Construction:  The construction on the Yellow Rose was top notch, I noticed no issues at all with the ones I smoked.  The draw was exceptional and the taper of the torpedo never became an issue.

Burn:  When it comes to burn, the Yellow Rose also was stellar.  The ash held for about an inch at a time and the burn line was great.  I maybe touched this cigar up once if at all.

yellow rose 4

Final Assessment:  Overall the Yellow Rose was a good offering from Crowned Heads.  The cigar was a full bodied smoke that will appeal to seasoned smokers.  I do however believe that this cigar need some time to really blossom into an amazing smoke.  As it stands this is worth picking a couple up, but if you have the time and patience to sit on them a box will be very rewarding in about 8 months to a year!

-Brandon K.




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