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Cigar Review: Davidoff Nicaragua Robusto

Davidoff seems to be one of those brands that are a love it or hate it for most. Davidoff has never been known for strong cigars but has always produced very traditional cigars that are mild, smooth, and creamy. The brand oozes class and sophistication and usually comes with a price that matches. In 2013 Davidoff branched out and produced it’s first Nicaraguan cigar. The company imported the tobacco from Nicaragua to their factory in the Dominican Republic to produce the Davidoff Nicaragua.

The Davidoff Nicaragua has a smooth rich colored Habano Rosado wrapper from Nicaragua that is over a Habano binder from Jalapa and a blend of fillers from Ometepe, Condega, and Esteli. Initially the line featured three vitolas, the 3 3/4×46 Short Corona, the 5×50 Robusto that comes in a tubo, and the 5 1/2×54 Toro. In 2014 Davidoff added a 6 1/2×50 Diadima, and the 4 1/4×38 Primeros that come packaged in tins of 6 for about $29. The rest of the line varies in price from $10-18 depending on retailer, location, and the ever present tax.

I decided to go with the robust as it is a great size to me. The Robusto comes packaged in a black tubo with the Davidoff Nicaragua logo. The cigar was solid and rolled well, as expected with Davidoff. The wrapper seemed very smooth but was fragile. The cigar gave a strong cedar note to the nose, possibly due to the cedar in the tubo. The pre-light draw gave cedar and slight pepper notes.

I toasted the cigar with a match, because when you smoke a Davidoff you have to keep it classy, and found the cigar to light very easy and had a great draw, not too loose but not tight either. The flavors began with a very woody taste, notes of cedar and oak were both present. The body was light but enjoyable for a morning cigar.

In the second third a white pepper spice began to kick in but not over power. The woody flavors became a sweet cedar note with a mild grassy note that seems to be ominous in most Davidoff cigars. I also noticed in the second third there seemed to be some wrapper cracking due to filler expansion, this had no effect on the burn of the cigar as it remained razor sharp and kept going like a champ. Just shows how well rolled the cigar was. I will lay the blame of this on the cigar possibly needing a bit of dry boxing as I keep my humidors closer to 70% rh and it was about 85% humidity outside.

The last third was still plagued by some minor cracks but they had no effect on the cigar. The flavors were still woody and sweet, more grass and hay notes were noticed but were still enjoyable. The burn remained sharp and the strength remained mild throughout. I believe this cigar finished well but still proved to be a mild morning cigar.

The smoking experience was very enjoyable on the Davidoff Nicaragua Robusto. The burn earned an A+ and I’m giving the construction an A even with the cracks, I don’t believe those were due to poor construction at all. When I rate cigars I must factor in price as I believe most cigar consumers are on some kind of budget and do the same, with that this cigar is worth splitting a box with someone. As I have stated above this is a great mild offering for a new smoker or a morning cigar with a good cup of coffee.

-Brandon K.

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