Cigar Review : Drew Estate Papa Fritas

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Drew Estate Papas Fritas

Size: Petit Corona (4 1/2″ x 44)
Wrapper: Broadleaf
Binder and Filler: Brazilian Mata Fina binder and ‘Mixed Scraps’ from Liga Privada line
Strength: Full
Price: ~ $6.00 USD

Drew Estate Papas Fritas

Behind The Stick:

While not all people are fans of the Drew Estate line – those who are fans will live and die for the brand and make sure to voice their feelings. From the goggles ( I still don’t get that crap ) to hats to rings and especially on all the ‘limited edition’ or rare releases that seem to constantly rotate out of their factory. Using the scraps ( not sure if they sweep them up like hotdog filler or if the cuttings/scraps are set aside during production ) of the Liga Privada line the Papa Fritas was born. By sandwiching, using mixed and short fillers – the cigars are packaged in easy to carry 4 pack tins and are being offered at a ‘reasonable’ price of $6.00 each for a 4 1/2 by 44 ring gauge cigar or $25.00 for a 4 pack. Although this is a very lucrative option, are ‘scraps’ being sold as ‘premium’ worth your and my dollars? Click that link to find out!

Drew Estate Papas Fritas

Drew Estate Papas Fritas


Evenly packed from head to foot, this charming petite corona comes to the table with one objective in mind – to be smoked! The foot band removes easily, the semi-pigtail cap removed without any issues at all and the cigar itself lit up with just a touch of flame. Nothing extremely negative or positive on this one – which in the mix of things is all that matters!

Drew Estate Papas Fritas


One of the main driving forces of any cigar – is the flavor! The Papa Fritas comes out the gate with the classic T-52 punch, coco and a healthy spice that with that dark earthy mixture to round it out. Nearly completely void of any sweetness, the leathery, earthy, dark and spicy flavor holds true for the first third ( if you can break it into thirds haha ) while the second third definitely turned into the sweet spot for me. Black pepper on the retrohale, leather, coffee and just a hint of coco on the finish with this pleasant ‘bondfire’-esque room aroma that seems to linger as long as the finish. The last third never turned bitter, but the flavors seemed to ‘fizzle out’ but then again for a cigar 4 1/2 inches long – can’t expect complexity from start to finish.

Drew Estate Papas Fritas


If your into the Pokemon of the Cigar world stuff then add this to your list with the Dirty Rat, A, Flying Pig, Ratzilla, Bashert, UF-13… etc. While I agree it is an effective marketing tool, the artificial rarity of Drew Estate’s Liga line as well as an increasingly negative spin with their social media aspect of their business has really turned me off to a brand I fell for and religiously purchased boxes of for over 4 years. To the DE ‘fan boys’ I am sure I will catch shit with their opinions but to me – facts outweigh opinions. While I thought the Papa Fritas would be an answer to my need for a daily commute cigar – the facts surrounding the cigar itself outweigh the ‘its not a bad cigar’ feelings.

I appreciate that the company told us it was left over scraps of the Liga line and while a lot of people took this as ‘oh shit, I really liked that Liga ______ and some of that tobacco is going to be in these!’ I was kind of insulted… So your telling me a company has produced a cigar that has become extremely popular and built up a fan base that buy out stores the day they receive the product yet instead of purchasing more tobacco to produce these ‘sought after’ cigars in a higher volume, they are going to sweep up the left overs or ‘scraps’ and throw them into one of the smallest vitolas possible and charge ‘premium’ prices. The price is ~half of the t52/No9 and while people have been flocking to these, the company is profiting handsomely off what normally would be compost.

Long story short – the cigars are ‘not bad’ but I just did not get that tingle in the pants that I did from the T52 or No 9. Personal and Business feelings aside – the cigars are ‘reasonable’ and if your a DE fan boy then you’ve already purchased a tin to smoke and a tin to save but what about those on the DE fence? With the ‘limited availability’ of their core line, the Papa Fritas are a great answer for a quick, dark and full body fix without breaking your wallet or stealing too much of your time. If you have tried the Papa Fritas let me know your thoughts – if not, its probably worth the $25 investment to try.

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