Cigar Review : George A. Rico – Gran Habano STK Zulu Zulu Habano Lancero

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Size: 7 1/2 x 40 ( Lancero )
Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano
Binder and Filler: Nicaraguan
Strength: Medium to Full
Price: $9.00

Behind The Stick:

George A. Rico has consistently been making quite the name for himself over the past few years – even though he is the son of Gran Habano founder Guillermo Rico, he has been pushing his own name, brands and image instead of using his dads success as a crutch. With such popular blends within the G.A.R. line – he has become synonymous with complex yet full flavors cigars that have an overall ‘winning’ performance. To continue with his success a less spoken of cigar was created – the Zulu Zulu. Being a limited edition run, only 1000 boxes ( 500 Connecticut and 500 Habano ) of cigars were produced.


While I am not one for Limited Edition runs and while I am not one to buy into the hype – George A. Rico has done something – in my opinion – that is truly from the heart. The boxes are hand-painted by Miami Artist “KID” and were inspired by the non-profit organization “Invisible Children Inc.”, a group that utilizes film and social media to bring awareness and ultimatley an end to the use of child soldiers and aid in the restoration of affected areas in Central Africa. A percentage of the profits of each box will be donated to Invisible Children to aid their efforts. Unlike some other companies that have blatantly profited off Natural Disasters ( I am still pissed about that bullshit… ) I feel that George’s intentions and pure, honest and will actually go to the charity. I digress – onto the review!



Of course the first thing that draws your attention is the gigantic band that seems to go from the foot almost to the very top. The alternating red and blue checkerboard with images of children soldiers not only “looks cool” it is a chilling reminder of the reality at hand. The simple black ‘smoking band’ as I call it – is hidden under the tissue paper that hides the chocolate brown wrapper. I noticed a few veins running the length of this lancero but nothing that would make me hesitate on lighting. The cap is adorned with a tiny pigtail which clipped easily and the foot lit quickly. Can’t ask for much more!



I love the ring gauge of this cigar yet while the length of the cigar opened the debate of complexity – I have to admit that the flavors this cigar produces are better than I had expected. A dry, woody mix of baking spice, cedar and hay gave the initial puffs a chance to dry out my mouth just enough to require a sip of water but still I continued on and boy am I glad I did. Wood, creamy yet spicy notes of coffee coated my mouth while there was this underlying sweetness that I just could not put my finger on. Some have remarked that the taste reminds them of liquorish or a Jagermeister type taste and while I did not pick these out – there was ‘something’ extra to the smoke. The final portions of this cigars life turned a little bitter, the creamy and woody notes being replaced with dark coffee and just a hint of leather.



As I have said before – I like the cigars that George A. Rico produces and the Zulu Zulu Habano Lancero is no different. There is just something about it, aside from the tasteful delivery and the physical aesthetics – aside from the images and the charity efforts. . . I cannot put my finger on it but I am impressed. The flavors are not the ‘most’ complex out there and the lancero format may turn some people off but with a name that is becoming as well respected as George’s is, a ‘unique’ and limited edition cigar for those who go after those – it really is hard not to recommend these to newbies and veterans alike. I personally would jump at a pair or a 5 pack but if the price is right, a box might make it in the shopping cart all the same. If you have had a Zulu Zulu Habano Lancero please let me know your thoughts – if not, go get one!


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