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Cigar Review : Gunslinger Perdition

Behind The Stick:

While not all cigars have an extensive and broadcasted background – there are some that have just enough of a story to get your attention and keep you involved, especially when you see and hear the passion behind the smoke. Add to this, a cigar name that is synonymous of Christian Purgatory and has the old west/cowboy motif – well – you have my attention. If you ever get a chance to speak with the owner/blender himself – Kendall – brace yourself for a man who loves and knows tobacco. Beyond being very approachable, he seems to be one of those people that are in the industry because of the love for tobacco itself. Going through 21 separate test blends over a 3 month process, he was able to complete a blend that utilized the dominant San Andreas wrapper’s unique flavor profile while emphasizing a specific flavor that he wanted. Kendall explained to The Cigar Nut “I have been given an opportunity and access to the best, it is my goal to make the best.”

This cigar comes to us as part of the Gunslinger line of cigars from the mind and hands of Kendall Culbertson of Outlaw Cigar Co. in Kansas City, Missouri. While the cigar is specific to this Brick and Mortar location ( online availability in the near future at the time of writing this article ), the line highlights a number of cigars from the Black Powder, Drifter to Hangman and have really begun to build quite the following. For the faithful readers of the site, you know that I am a fan of AJ Fernandez and the cigars produced by him and his factory so I will try my best not to give away too much too soon! I was fortunate enough to enjoy this cigar prior to learning about the individuals involved or the attention to detail behind the smoke. Enough rambling – onto the review!


Size: 6 x 52

Wrapper: Mexican San Andreas

Binder and Filler: Honduran, Nicaraguan, Connecticut Broadleaf

Strength: Medium to Full

Price: TBA

Factory / Country of Origin: Tabacalera Fernandez / Nicaragua

Release Type: Regular Production

Release Date: November, 2014



A moderately brown, box pressed wrapper holds this cigar together with a firm, yet giving hand. Evenly packed from head to foot there is an expected and accepted amount of give at the foot when pinched, the cigar feeling a bit more fully packed than anything – but no concerns to report. The head clipped without issue and while the draw had a slight amount of resistance, it was where I personally prefer. The thin mascara black burn line was a little shy of straight and while I watched it tentatively throughout the smoke – I never once had to touch it up.



A blast of cool, rich espresso accompanied by an underlying sweet spice – the Gunslinger Perdition starts out with a position towards the darker flavors in life all while maintaining this ebb and flow of lighter, more subtle yet distinctive flavors. This savory backbone is broken up with a nutty almost almond like quality on the aftertaste while at the same time a bitter-sweet ‘tang’ on the sides of my tongue that was not bad, but also could not be discounted. This flavor profile played well off the chocolate, caramel and earth notes running throughout the smoke. The retrohale proved to give sufficient white pepper through the sinuses, although the ‘heat’ to the spice seemed to be lacking and replaced with flavor. These flavors were fairly consistent but changed with intensity from start to finish.



I am a fan of pretty much anything ‘cowboy’ or Old West so right off the bat this cigar is ‘cool’ to me. The Gunslinger line itself has some pretty cool names ( Hangman, Drifter, etc ) the ‘Perdition’ name is synonymous with the Christian belief of Purgatory or ‘external damnation’ – there is no damnation to this cigar though! I don’t care who you are – that is a bold statement and should be followed up with a cigar that and stand up next to the name. I am happy to say that the delivery of the cigar is MUCH more positive than Purgatory or even any reference to anything ‘negative’ for that fact. The burn was ‘good’, smoke production more than adequate and the complexity level above average while carrying a price tag that accurately reflects the delivery. I guess it is easy to tell I am a fan of the Perdition – if the flavor profile and delivery appear appealing to you, I recommend a box purchase in a heart beat.

Every Cigar Has A Story, Every Smoke A Memory

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