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Cigar Review: Jericho Hill by Crowned Heads (Brandon’s take)

There are times you will see multiple reviews of the same cigar here on The Cigar Nut, this is to give you different opinions about a certain cigar. Another reason is because we all have different palates and one of our writers might have preferences closer to yours than another. We will do our best to not read the other reviews prior to reviewing the same cigar just to keep things fair and unbiased.

Today I am reviewing a cigar that Max has already done, the Jericho Hill by Crowned Heads. This cigar was released by Crowned Heads this year (2014) at IPCPR. This cigar pays a tribute to Johnny Cash and many of the aspects of the cigar from vitola names down to the wrapper used have specific correlation to the song Cocaine Blues and other Cash relations. The cigar comes in the following vitolas: OBS 4 3/4×52, .44S 5 1/8×44, Willy Lee 6×54, and LBV 6 1/2×46. The Jericho Hill is priced from $7.95 to $9.75 and are all available in boxes of 24.

The Jericho Hill features a Mexican San Andres wrapper, with a binder and fillers from Nicaragua. The cigars are made for Crowned Heads at the My Father Cigars S.A. factory in Nicaragua. Crowned Heads also used the My Father factory for the Las Calaveras EL that was released earlier this year, the Jericho Hill will however be a regular production for the company.

As I inspected this cigar pre-smoke I noticed the wrapper to be dark and very smooth. The cigar was firm with no soft spot and no wrapper blemishes. On the nose the cigar gave off a leather note. Once clipped, the pre-light draw yielded toasted nuts. After toasting and lighting my Willy Lee I got right to business on this much anticipated cigar.

The first third of the cigar gave off a nice earthy profile and very chewy smoke. I also noticed a very nice dried fruit sweetness to the flavor. Toward the end of the first third I began to get a very dry cedar flavor, the smoke seemed to really dry my palate. Although the cigar seemed very dry, smoke wise, the flavors were still very enjoyable well balanced.

The second third continued much the same as the first through most of it. As the second came to a close I started to pick up a floral note and more of a woody flavor. At this point the cigar was burning perfectly, no touch ups needed, ash was solid and white. The strength was a solid medium and still very well balance on the flavors.

The last third was very earthy and still dry, I pick up a lot of notes of wood. There was no spice at all throughout this entire cigar, which honestly surprised me for a cigar made at My Father. The cigar finished at medium strength, it never burned hot or became harsh.

My overall experience with the Jericho Hill was very enjoyable. The only negative was the dryness of the smoke. The flavors were well balanced but not overly complex. The burn was A+ as was the construction, as to be expected from the My Father factory. I currently rate this cigar as a FIVER, although with some time I see this cigar aging into box worthy. Please also visit Max’s review for comparison, I know it is the first thing I am going to do after typing this! Please also leave us a comment with your thoughts on this cigar or to let us know what you think of how we are doing!

-Brandon K.

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