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Cigar Review : Liga Privada Unico Serie Dirty Rat

The Cigar Nut

Size: 5 x 44 ( Corona )
Wrapper: Connecticut Sun-Grown Habano
Binder and Filler: Dominican, Honduran, Nicaraguan and Brazilian Mata Fina
Strength: Full
Price: ~ $12.00 USD each


Behind The Stick:

For all those Drew Estate fans – the story of the Dirty Rat is years old and has been clouded by Flying Pigs, UF’s and A’s but taking a look back on the Unico Serie Dirty Rat and its unique composition – spicier, fuller and a bit more powerful than the regular T-52 line is now up on the chopping block. The regular readers know how much I despise ‘limited edition’ or ‘limited release’ – not because it is not a financially wise decision of the companies but because invariably I get a single or a pair and enjoy them so much I want to buy a box – only to find none – anywhere. While the Dirty Rat still stirs up controversial discussions – it is not hard to believe that this is a cigar that you either love, or hate – I have yet to meet someone “on the fence”. That being said – does this cigar deem the hunt or like other products out there, is the hype more impressive than the cigar?




One thing I will give the Liga line a little credit for – their cigars just look great. The wrappers are almost always flawless – dark, rich and oily with a band that seems to ‘pop’ in in the mix of other cigars in the humidor. Evenly packed from head to foot, adorned with a twisted/fanned pigtail cap – this cigar sure is a looker.



As always – the part you scrolled down to first! To say this is an ‘in your face’ kind of cigar would be an understatement – wood, chocolate and coffee notes mix together in an increasingly intense nicotine push really get this cigar into motion. There is a sweet spice I could notice on the retrohale and while a bit ‘thick’ at times, it never burned or became un-enjoyable. The second third carried the same profile, with a bit more emphasis on the chocolate and coffee notes, perhaps getting into the dark chocolate and espresso range but only by a hair or two. The last third, while still enjoyable, seemed to lose some of the pop the middle of the cigar carried – the long lasting and rich flavors being exchanged for a short lived finish.



I am glad that I got a box of the Dirty Rats and gave them a shot – but if we are being completely honest I smoked 3 and gave the rest away. The ones I had were consistent, burned well and didn’t have any amazing ‘fallout’s’ but at the same time – they just didn’t do anything for me. I know the DE fans are going to come in telling how amazing they are – but – like the god damn goggles, I just don’t get it.

I also think that the scarcity ( notice how I did not say rarity… ) of the releases that DE puts out causes those fans to go wild for the cigars, stores selling out of stock just as soon as they can get them. That does not mean the cigars are good, or that they are worth the headache to acquire but it does mean that some ( myself included ) will make 15 different phone calls and jump at that ‘hot tip’ to get a box of your own. If you can find a few stragglers out there – I recommend giving them a shot but I just can’t endorse a full box purchase on the Liga Privada Unico Dirty Rat, that is, if you can find them. If you have had one, please let me know what you thought of the cigar!

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