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Cigar Review: Ohana M13 Lancero


In 2015 Ohana cigars was launched by RyanRodriguez, the first installments were the Friends and Family and the First Generation.  Both cigars were very popular in the boutique cigar world, which drove Rodriquez to realize that he would need more hits to follow up.  This year Ohana has released a few different cigars, today we will be looking at the M13 Lancero.  The M13 is project from Rodriguez that is in honor of his mother, with M being the 13th letter of the alphabet, M13 represents the word “MoM.”  The M13 is produced by the Placencia factory for Ohana cigars, as are the others in the line.  Once again Ohana has used a crop of aged tobacco with the binder featuring a 13 year oldleaf from the Condega region of Nicaragua.



Vitolas: Currently the only vitolas available are a toro and lancero,
although I’m told there are more vitolas in the works.  

Blend: Wrapper: Sungrown Habano from Jalapa

Binder: 13 year aged leaf from Condega

Filler: Nicaraguan Jalapa


Appearance: The M13 Lancero had a nice chocolate colored wrapper with some noticeable veins and a bit of a rustic look; I am finding this to be more prevalent and am assuming that people are beginning to be more concerned with flavor over look.  The cigar has the standard Ohana band and a red ribbon on the foot.  The cigar appears to be constructed well, it is not hard and does not seem to be packed too tight, as many lanceros are.  

Pre-Light: On the pre-light inspection I notice the wrapper has an earthy note while the foot is very nutty to the nose.  The cold draw has dry cocoa and nuts on the palate.  

1st Third:  The first third of the M13 opens up with a dry, nutty note.  After a couple of puffs there is just a bit of red pepper spice. As the first third progresses that spice continues and there is still a dryness to the smoke.  Eventually there is a slight woody flavor as well that joins the mix.  


2nd Third: The second third continues to produce a dry, nutty smoke, the spice has slightly dissipated though.  Smoking further I begin to pick up more wood notes though I am now able to tell they are oak.  The ash on the M13 is dark and holds for about a half an inch at a time.  The burn is very good at this point and the draw is spot on.


Last Third: In the last third, the M13 gave flavors of earth and leather.  The spice returned as well and mixed well with the other flavors.  The notes of earth and leather finished out the cigar, the smoke remained dry on the palate throughout the entire smoking experience, but the finish is complex and full of flavor.

Construction:  The M13 was constructed very well, the draw was perfect and the cigar held to the end.

Burn:  The burn on the M13 was razor sharp, no touch ups were required.  The ash was solid and held well.  One relight was required due to my own loss of diligence, though the cigar had no issues and burned great afterward as well.

Final Assessment: I feel that the lanceor is one of the toughest vitolas for a manufacturer to get the blend right on, Ohana has done a great job with this one.  The M13, while not the most complex offering, was a very enjoyable cigar with a nice medium strength.  The M13 is a cigar you would want to pick up if you are looking for a cigar that is great to enjoy with good friends or family while you can still enjoy the flavors but not need to give all you attention to a needy cigar.  This cigar would be a great recommendation to a smoker of any level that is wanting a solid experience.

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-Brandon K.   

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