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Cigar Review: Oliva Serie V Melanio Figurado

In 2012 Oliva released the Serie V Melanio, named to honor Oliva family patriarch Melanio Oliva.  The Melanio was released under the Serie V line was but was a blend of its own.  Recently the Melanio was named as the number one cigar of 2014 by one of the large cigar publication so I decided to see for myself and report my findings.  First, I want to say that I don’t agree with cigars that came out in another year being listed on a list for top items of one year, but I wasn’t asked.


Vitolas:The vitolas for the Melanio are all box pressed and consist of the following: a Churchill at 7 x 50,  a Figuardo at 6 1/2 x 52, a Torpedo at 6 1/2 x 52, a Robusto at 5 x 52, a Petit Corona at 4 1/2 x 46, and a Robusto at 5 x 52.  The cigars run between $9 and $16 depending on location.

Blend: Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sumatra

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaragua

Appearance: The Oliva Serie V Melanio features a very nice looking wrapper that is very smooth.  The Figurado is a very large cigar for a figurado, featuring a closed cap that comes to a point and a slightly open foot.  The standard Serie V band is present as well as a secondary denoting the Melanio.

oliva 3
The unique shape of the Melanio’s box pressed figurado

Pre-Light: The pre-light on the Melanio gives a bit of tobacco sweetness on the nose with the same sweetness on the cold draw only with some pepper added.

1st Third: The Serie V Melanio opens very smooth with a lot of salted caramel sweetness.  As the first third progresses, the Melanio begins to give hey nice toasted cashew note with a creaminess on the palate.

2nd Third: The second third of the Melanio shows a transition to a nutty profile with toffee flavors.  The retrohale has cedar and white pepper, though not overpowering with spice.

Oliva 5
Great burn on the Melanio

Last Third: As the Melanio comes to a close, the last third has the same cedar and white pepper as the previous retrohale.  Then toffee becomes the prevailing flavor once again. As I reach the end nub a black pepper spice begins to take hold and gives a nice finish to the Melanio.

Construction: The construction on the Serie V Melanio figurado was nothing short of amazing, the cigar home paper for tosh intel the halfway point. There were no flaws noted in any part of this cigar.was nothing short of amazing, the cigar held a perfect ash until the halfway point. There were no flaws noted in any part of this cigar.

Burn: The burn on the Melanio was perfect, no touch ups were needed and the burn line was straight throughout the entire cigar. As I reached the nub the burn on the Melanio was perfect, the cigar burn nice and cool.

Final Assessment:  Is this cigar of the year worthy?  I honestly think yes, but just not this year.  This should have been a strong contender in 2012.  This cigar is extremely enjoyable with complex flavors and a great balance.  The strength is a solid medium that really delivers without being overpowering.  I absolutely enjoyed this cigar from the beginning to end and feel it deserves every bit of attention it has received, although I think it is a bit behind!

-Brandon K.

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  1. I tried the Petit Corona. I liked it, though I thought that the draw was a little loose.

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