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Cigar Review: Padron 50th Anniversary Family Reserve Maduro.

Padron Cigars announced the newest addition to their renowned Family Reserve line this year at the 82nd IPCPR in Las Vegas: the Padron 50th Anniversary Family Reserve. The Padron 50th Anniversary Family Reserve will come in both a Maduro and Connecticut, as all of their releases have in the past and will be offered in boxes of 10 retailing for $25/stick. Padron also showcased an absolutely beautiful humidor called “The Hammer,” which will contain 50 cigars and only 1,000 are to be produced, reminiscent of the Padron Millennium. Padron has released either an anniversary or family reserve cigar every year since 2008 when they released the Family Reserve 44 then the Family Reserve 45 in 2009, the Family Reserve 46 in 2010 and the Padron 85th in 2011, to celebrate Jose O. Padron’s 85th birthday. In preparation for the 50th anniversary, Padron has not released a Family Reserve or Anniversary since the 85th in 2011 but what a release this is! The Padron 50th Anniversary Family Reserve Maduro is a 5×54 box pressed robusto and is to begin hitting shelves around Christmas time.

Padron 50th Anniversary Family Reserve Maduro

Padron 50th Anniversary Family Reserve Maduro

Date Smoked: September 11, 2014

Vitola: 5×54 (Box Pressed Robusto)

Blend: Nicaraguan Puro using all 10 year old Nicaraguan tobacco.

Appearance: The Padron Family Reserve 50th Anniversary Maduro is a sight to behold. The toothy Nicaraguan wrapper is a beautiful deep, dark brown, like that of leather or dark chocolate and has only minor veins present. The gorgeous red and gold band blends well against the dark wrapper and the white and gold secondary band provides a great contrast. The cigar itself is firm, as is the case with most Padron Anniversary’s and the box press really brings it all together very well.

Pre Light: The aroma off the foot is that of hay, cocoa and cinnamon, which even tingles my nostrils a bit! The cold draw provides rich earth and cedar notes along with some black pepper.

First Third: The Padron Family Reserve 50th hits you immediately with a blast of black pepper upon lighting the cigar and remains prominent for the first quarter inch or so and leaves a fantastic toasted almond finish. As the cigar progresses in the first third, notes of cocoa and nutmeg become more prominent with oak on the retrohale. So far, I am incredibly impressed, but not at all surprised, at how complex this cigar is in the first third. There are enough well balanced nuances along with the strong, prominent flavors; although, I would say that the black pepper spice does come on quite strong and remains during this third, even though it did die down enough after the first quarter inch to allow for other flavors to come to the front.

Second Third: The ash is holding tightly as I move into the second third and the Padron FR 50th is definitely at a full body. As the cigar progresses into the second third, the black pepper spice fades out a bit, as is expected. The toasted almond remains on the finish along with a sweet note, similar to that of dates, which I love, and balances out the spice incredibly well. Some of the oak and nutmeg from the first third remain and the cocoa has faded. The retrohale gives off black pepper spice along with a deep earthy note. The ash held firm for nearly half the cigar until falling and remains at a full body.

Final Third: Now that I am towards the end of the Padron Family Reserve 50th Maduro, there are quite a few notable changes. The black pepper spice has picked up again but is not overpowering, just enough to give it a good punch to finish off the cigar, the sweetness and fruit I tasted on the finish have faded, as has most of the toasted almond and the cocoa is completely gone. There is a prominent espresso note that hits the palate along with the black pepper and leather which remain on the finish. The Padron Family Reserve 50th Anniversary Maduro never needed any touchup, nor did it need to be re lit and it never got bitter, even at the nub. It remained full bodied from start to finish and consistently put out thick clouds of rich smoke.

Closing Thoughts: The Padron Family Reserve 50th Anniversary Maduro is truly a phenomenal cigar. Yes, the price is high, but it is very well worth the price tag. The complexity and depth of flavors was beautiful and the construction was flawless. There was nothing lacking from the cigar and nothing I would change about it. If you have the chance, I cannot recommend this cigar any more highly!

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