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Cigar Review: Perdomo 20th Anniversary Maduro

It seems 2014 is the year for anniversaries in the cigar world, several companies are celebrating their years of success this year, so I decided to revisit an anniversary from another year. Today I am taking a look at the Perdomo 20th Anniverary Maduro which was released in 2012. This cigar is made with tobacco grown in Perdomo’s farms in Nicaragua with a wrapper that is aged for 14 months in a bourbon barrel. These cigars are priced from around $8-12 depending on your location.

Vitolas: 5×56 Robusto
6×56 Epicure (Toro)
6×60 Gordo
6.5×54 Torpedo
6.5×48 Corona Grande
7×56 Churchill

Blend: Nicaraguan wrapper, binder, and filler

Appearance: The cigar I smoked for this review was the Corona Grande, it was a very good looking cigar. The dark maduro wrapper was nearly flawless. The cigar had no soft spot in it and the foot seemed to show the cigar to be well packed.

Pre-Light: On the pre-light I noticed chocolate notes on the foot and a nice cedar aroma on the body of the cigar. The draw produced an earthy note and an easy draw.

1st Third: I clipped the Perdomo 20th Anniverasry Maduro with a straight cut and toasted the foot with a match. The cigar lit easily and immediately began to produce a mild spice and an abundance of cedar notes. As the cigar progressed through the first third it transitioned to give rich earthy flavors and a very heavy smoke on the palate. Cigar burned very well and was very enjoyable through the first third.

2nd Third: The second third of the cigar moved to a dark cherry sweetness that was very pleasant. The heavy cedar notes became more of a general wood like flavor that melded very well with the sweetness. This cigar was not producing the most complex of flavors but was very well balanced and had good flavors. At this point the cigar was a fair medium strength cigar.

Last Third: The last third of the Perdomo 20th anniversary continued with the woody flavors from the second third. I also began to pick up a natural tobacco flavor and the sweetness was replaced by the same mild spice that was in the first third.

Construction: A+ The draw was perfect and not once did I detect any hint of a problem.

Burn: A The burn required a couple of touch ups in the 2nd third, nothing that was too major though.

Final Assessment: I found this cigar to be very enjoyable, a solid offering from Perdomo with a medium strength. If you buy these fresh I suggest to give them some humidor time to acclimate, after that you should have no problems at all.

Rating: 5pk This cigar is definitely worth keeping a 5pk of in your humidor.


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