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Cigar Review: Prendelo Sublime



Prendelo is the latest edition of small batch private label cigars to come to market.  Predelo, which loosely translates to “light it up,” is a collaboration between Fire Chief Reggie Freeman of Fort Worth, TX and Eddie “Smokey Bear” Martell of Quantico, VA.  The Prendelo is a “lost and found” blend that just happened to fall into the hands of Freeman and Martell.  The blend utilizes blend that has been aging for 5 years just waiting for the right people to grab it up and put it on the shelves.  Initially the Prendelo will be sold exclusively at the Underground Cigar Shop in Fort Worth, a shop that is known for exclusive and boutique cigars.  There will only be 100 boxes of 10 cigars available for purchase as this is a true small batch cigar.


Vitolas: The Prendelo is only available in a single 6×54 Sublime vitola, with an MSRP of $9.99.  

Blend:    Wrapper: Grade 1 Ecuadorian Habano

   Binder: Dominican 20/20

   Filler: Dominican Criollo 98 and Dominican Ligero

Appearance: The Prendelo has a beautiful rich brown wrapper on it. The construction appears to be flawless with a slight rustic look to it. The cigar has no soft spots found and a well-placed cap. The cigar is adorned with a red ribbon at the foot.

Pre-Light: The wrapper of the Prendelo has a rich tobacco note. On the foot I get hints of cocoa and warm baked goods, the cold draw has flavors of rich dark chocolate with a bit of dryness on the palate.


1st Third: The first third of the Prendelo opens with a big hit of spice and some of the dry dark cocoa from the cold draw.  The spice begins to settle down part way through the first third then the flavors turn more to an aged tobacco note with just a slight hint of sweetness, the smoke is slightly drying to the pallet at this time.

2nd Third: As I move into the second third of the Prendelo I begin to get notes of caramel sweetness, although it is only slightly sweet. There continues to be a faint spice, although no bite on the tongue from it.


Last Third:  The last third of the Prendelo was much the same as the second with the flavors of caramel and cream.  The one big difference I notice was that the spice was much heavier in the last third.  After I finished the cigar I quickly realized that what I thought was a medium strength cigar was really a full, I had a bit more of a rush than I expected.  

Construction: The construction of the Prendelo was great, the cigar performed great from start to finish with a tight ash and a nub that never got hot or soft.  

Burn: The burn was another testament to the construction of the Prendelo, sharp and consistent.  The cigar was even throughout the entire smoke.  The smoke never became hot or harsh which greatly enhanced the smoking experience.  


Final Assessment: Over all the Prendelo delivered, great flavors throughout and impeccable burn made for a great smoking experience.  The Prendelo is not a cigar for those who are mild smokers as the strength is full, although the flavor and complexities help back up that strength.  For a first offering from a couple of guys wanting to bring a cigar to market that they felt could be enjoyed by friends the Prendelo has hit the bullseye.  

-Brandon K.

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